CEP admitted to massive election fraud, what should be done?

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) made clear that after investigation and analysis that there were massive fraud in the last election. A list of various frauds were identified including actual votes superior to the voters of BV, number of National Identification Card (CIN) being different from that of the votes. In addition, the CEP found missing data with false CIN; in several BV, the minutes did nor correspond with the tally sheet. There were tricks in the way the votes were being counted: some of the results were entered in letter which did not correspond with the digits. Some PV were found with no LEP and much more.


The CEP stated that these fraudulent PV which were in the total of 296 have not been counted in the preliminary results. Jaccéus Joseph is the only member of the CEP who did not sign the preliminary presidential and legislative results. He refused to do so because he doubts the credibility of the results and stated that the Tabulation Center should have done more to address electoral fraud allegations

If you were in the position of Pierre Louis Opont, what would you do now?

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Subject: CEP admitted to massive election fraud, what should be done? edit

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