Maryse Narcisse, Vilaire Cluny Duroseau challenge election results

Out of all those who denounced the election results of November 5, only two candidates have taken actions. Fanmi Lavalas candidate, Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau filed claims to contest the results before the deadline.


The BCED will hear both cased today (11/10/15). The protest period for the presidential election results had a 72 hour window which stated last Thursday and ended yesterday at 5 PM. Vilaire Cluny Duroseau doesn't agree with the number of votes attributed to him based on the number of "Proce Verbal" he has on hand. Maryse Narcisse complained about the election frauds in favor of Jovenel Moise.

Fanmi lavalas supporters are bringing their fight on two fronts. While lawyers for the party are planning to take their complaints to the established channels, street protests continue. On Monday, Lavalas supporters continued to protest the preliminary elections results with tire burning and rock-throwing. Police had to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd

In the meantime, the strike announced by transport union drivers to protest recent fee increases was partially successful.

Surprisingly, the candidate for Pitit Desalin, Moise Jean Charles, who claimed to be the direct victim since he will not be going to the second round, did not contest the election results

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Shime says...

vilaire duroseau li ce pas fou selment li fou li enrager moin pas jamais tande non ca ou croi li pa nan noune qui fait o.oo

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Shime says...

on ban noune fanatic fais yo aveugle et fou Maryse president nan tabartou biennan lopital Moise president nan Citadelle ce 2 noune qui te gain chance aprea tout lot noune yo fou pote ba docteur bijou pou li fixer yo leu noune ap regler affaire yo pas jenin ou pas

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