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Haitian deputy Arnel Belizaire in Rage at the Parliament

Watch it for yourself. This is a video of the actual event where Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire exploded at the Haitian parliament.

Haitian parliament Arnel Belizaire who has a reputation for having a great ability to express himself and also to demonstrate his disagreement when necessary, threw a total of three desks across the room in the Haitian Parliament last week during a full session.

Previous incident by Deputy Arnel Belizaire. Security camera showing Deputy Arnel Belizaire aggressively handling a worker at the post office as the post office worker attempted to stop the Deputy Arnel Belizaire of Delmas and Tabarre from entering a backroom.

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Haiti's Chamber Of Deputies: The Lower House

There are two houses forming Haiti's bicameral legislature, one of which is the Lower House or the Chamber of Deputies. There are 99 members of the Lower House, all of whom have won with absolute majority during the last election. Members can serve a four-year term and they can keep on running for Chambers seats because there is no limit.

However, there are requirements that aspiring Lower House members must meet to become eligible to run for the seats. First of all, a candidate must be 25 years old at the time of registration. He/she should not have criminal records that eliminated his/her political and civil rights and he must be a Haitian citizen by birth. Mental illness, imprisonment, and undocumented immigrant status are among the factors that can disqualify an individual from the Lower House race. Members and executives of the Electoral Commission are ineligible as well.

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The Formation Of Haiti's National Assembly

Haiti is run by a government with a bicameral legislature, which is composed of the Upper House (Senate) and the Lower House (Chamber of Deputies). These two houses make up the National Assembly, which is also known as a joint session of Parliament.

Based on the constitution, the National Assembly must be convened for specific reasons and purposes. When the National Assembly sets a meeting, important topics affecting the entire country are touched on. Such meetings are presided over by the Senate president, who is assisted by the president of the Chamber of Deputies. The secretaries of both houses, meanwhile, also serve the same role for the National Assembly.

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Parliament of Haiti

The Parliament of Haiti plays a vital role in the entire government. Without it, nothing will work on the country's legislation. The Parliament is the country's legislature, which consists of the Senate (Upper House) and the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House).

The Lower House is one of the houses comprising the bicameral Parliament. It has 99 members who are directly elected based on public votes. It holds greater power over the Upper House as it is the one making and proposing new legislations for the country. It has full control over certain laws such as those involving the budget and finances. The Lower House also has the authority to push for the impeachment of the president.

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Launching of work of the new legislative building

Parliament is the heart and bloodline of the Haitian government. The country's current legislature was formed in the early 2000s and is composed of two houses: the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Meetings via a National Assembly or a joint session are highly essential for both houses to deliberate on different important matters of the State, which is why a proper venue for such meetings is highly essential.

The Palais Législatif, or the current legislative building which caters to the whole parliament, was severely damaged by the 2010 earthquake, forcing members of the parliament to temporarily hold their meetings in a classroom. The legislature has since had to keep up with an old, damaged building to house itself.

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