Can Sweet Mickey really be the Next President of Haiti?

Can someone help the "Haitian Joudalist" answer this question: How does Sweet Mickey move from this to the Presidency of Haiti?


Do you think Sweet Micky is serious about wanting to become president for Haiti?

It's official, Michel, AKA Sweet Mickey is eligible and is running for President of Haiti.

A pa li Papa!

Everyone is running for president in Haiti, except those who can really change the country. See this video of the potentially next president of Haiti Mickey performing live: (video not available)

The political candidate Sweet Mickey performing live, with all his lively presentation. Is it possible for Sweet Mickey to change since many people will always see him as an artist who built his fortune by being unrestricted in many ways.

The following is the actual list of canditates selected to run:

Abellard Axan Delson Konbit Nasyonal pour Devlopman (KNDA)
Alexis Jacques-Edouard Mobilisation pour le Progrès d'Haïti (MPH)
Anacacis Jean-Hector Mouvement Démocratique de la Jeunesse Haitienne (MODEJHA)
Baker Charles Henry Jean-Marie ( Respè )
Bijou Josette ( Indépendant )
Blot Gérard ( Platfòm 16 Désanm )
Céant Jean Henry ( Renmen Ayiti )
Célestin Jude ( INITE )
Charles Eric ( Penh)
Christallin Yves (LAVNI)
Jeudy Wilson ( Fòs 2010 )
Jeune Jean Chavannes ( Acra)
Jeune Léon (KLE)
JOSEPH Génard ( Solidarité )
Laguerre Garaudy ( Mouvman Wozo )
Manigat Mirlande Hyppolite (RDNP)
Martelly Michel ( Repons peyizan )
Neptune Yvon ( Ayisyen pou Ayiti )
Lesly Voltaire ( Ansanm Nou Fò )

Would you vote for him?

Do you think Mickey is more presentable than Wyclef Jean?

Do you think his popularity in music can be transferred into politic?

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