A bridge along Route 9 in Cite Soleil has collapsed

The disasters in Haiti do not stop happening, it is one after another. From the week beginning March to March 19, 2016, from Police shooting to gas station exploding in Hinche, now a bridge along Route 9 in Cite Soleil collapsed. Here are some of the pictures


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Public transportation, as it is understood in the U.S and other civilized countries, does not exist in Haiti and disasters never stop here. Recently, on Friday, March 18, 2016, a bridge (Wout Nave Bridge) on Rivière Grise on Route 9, connecting Cité Soleil to the National #1, partially collapsed while a truck was passing carrying gravel over the bridge. This recent disaster is an example of poor quality craftsmanship and supervision and that indicates how the public money in Haiti is managed. The bridge was built to support a load of 20 tons only. However, a primary investigation suggests that the possible cause of the collapse could be the stolen bolts of the bridge which were found missing. The bridge was damaged by the recent hurricane as well.

Before the opening of Route 9 (also known as "Boulevard Des Americains) under USAID fundings, the Cite Soleil was cut off from the rest of Port-au-Prince. Cite Soleil is a neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. In 2004, the U.N termed it as 'the most dangerous place on earth where the guns rule'. The 'Route 9' opened on November 2009, cuts the area in two parts--lower and upper. The new route passes right through the center of Cite Soleil and reaches downtown Port-au-Prince to the Caribbean Sea. Lower or West part of the part of Cite Soleil that touches the sea is 'Anba'; it is the poorer and the dirtier part of the area. Upper or Eastern part of Cite Soleil separated by Route 9 is called 'Anwo', it is the home of bustling business districts of Simon Pele and Batimat. Following the accident on March 18th, as per Fritz Clot, the CEO of MTPTC (Ministère des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communications) a temporary diversion has been made on the 'Boulevard Des Americains. Signs of diversions have been installed. As per Clot, the redevelopment of Wout Bridge Nave and the crossing on National Highway No. 1 will be undertaken under recent fundings of US$32 million received from Japan.

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