Bellevue la Montagne in Haiti

Bellevue la Montagne is located in region Ouest, Haiti. It is a small place with a very small population that survives under inexplicable poverty. People in Bellevue la Montagne are live examples of what we say, 'life goes on and you just live.' Yes, they just live! La Montagne means 'The Mountain' in French. This explains the geographic location of Bellevue la Montagne which stands at 3000 feet elevation from the coast.


Bellevue la Montagne consists of 3 small villages which include Belleu, Terra Rouge and Le Croix. Living in ultimate poverty, the main livelihood for the people of Bellevue la Montagne is farming. Because of shortage of electricity, water and irrigation facilities, agriculture produces just enough for the farmers to feed their families and if they are lucky, they will have some extra produce that they can sell in local market. There is only one school in Bellevue la Montagne that is located at a distance of 1-1/2 hours and children need to spend 3 hours every day to walking up and down to their school. Only those children go to school whose parents can afford $25 a year.

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There are a few instances or commerce seen in Bellevue la Montagne. There is a market place that pops up every Tuesday and if people want enjoy some protein in their meal occasionally, they need to count on small fishes that are to be brought all the way uphill from the coast that is located at a distance of 4 miles. There is no McDonalds there. The only fast food is fried plantains. Transportation is for lucky and somewhat rich families and it is not a Ducati or a BMW. It is nothing but a Donkey that hauls food to the market for selling. Do you have another definition of 'being poor'?

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Jackie M Chow says...

Do you have another definition of 'being poor'?.

Yes, I do. This is when you have a lot, you are not sharing, and still is greedy to get more and more. The anxiety of it all make

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