A Clarens Renois Government will be One of Reconciliation

Clarens Renois is running for the Haitian presidency, representing the National Union for the Integrity and Reconciliation party. He is campaigning on a platform that includes.


• Stamping out government corruption
• Improving the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory
• Dealing with societal issues such as prejudice, violence, attacks on opposition parties, and other social ills
• Working to establish better trade relations with the Dominican Republic
• Standing against the re-organization of the Haitian army.

The over-arching theme of Renois' platform is reconciliation of all actors, whose self interests keep Haiti from enjoying political stability. The country's stability is crucial to attract private investment and grow Haiti's economy. He wants all opposition leaders to come together at one table to work cohesively in ruling the island.

A campaign promise Renois intends to keep is investing in the agricultural sector. He wants the public, private, and agricultural sectors to come together to increase the island's output of agricultural products. The government of Haiti under Renois' plan would fund the purchase of farm machinery and fertilizer. In addition farmers would pay either low or zero interest rates.

Regarding politics he says he would focus ". . . on reconciliation, advocating political stability to produce security, a condition conducive to private investment and economic growth."

He adds his party's beliefs stem from democratic ideals, those of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Furthermore he promotes separation of powers, and the promise the political process will be informed by transparency.

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