Clarens Renois Elected to represent Protestant sector

The Christian community has a candidate to represent the during the next election. On September 3, they selected Mr. Jean Clarens Renois as their candidate to run for President.


On Wednesday, September 2, 2015, Mediation Commission of the Protestant sector in Haiti, after a second round of discussions, selected journalist Clarens Renois as their sole candidate to run for the presidency. Clarens Renois was selected over two other candidates, Jean Chavannes Jeune and Paleme Jean Mathurin, by a high-level committee chaired by Rev. Gerald Bataille. Clarens Renois is a highly respected and well known personality in the professional, political and educational world and a well known figure in Haitian journalism for last 25 years.

However, on August 9th, within a week of his appointment, the journalist's contribution and his Christian commitment towards the Protestant community was questioned by a group of pastors and a group of church leader, mission leader and pastor under the initiative of Me Osner H Févry unanimously selected Pastor Jean Chavannes Jeune as their representative for the presidential run. Chavannes Jeune is a Haitian politician and a civil engineer. He grew up in an evangelistic household, who contested as a candidate in the 2006 Haitian Presidential election under the banner of Christian National Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti and came fourth in the run. The nomination of Chavannes Jeune was decided out of nine aspiring candidates, including Clarens Renois. Pastor Jeune secured 95% of the votes. Over a hundred of pastors, mission leaders and other leaders of the Protestant institution were present in the meeting and that revealed a rift in this branch of Christian community that quashed the decision of high level committee headed by Pastor Gerald Bataille. They appreciated the immense role played by Clarens Renois as a great journalist, but were unaware whether Renois was ever a part of the church. None of the Meditation commission members who selected Renois was present or invited to this meeting. Thus, the Protestant sector in Haiti has now two candidates for the presidential run!

What do you think about this?

Do you think this decision will increase the chances of the Protestant sector?

Vè Kè Lè!

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