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Woman of Courage Haiti 2014 awarded to Colette Lespinasse

Haiti's Woman of Courage for 2014 is Ms. Colette Lespinasse. In her role as the Support Group for Returnees and Refugees' (GARR) coordinator, Ms. Lespinasse advocates the rights of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic who have been suffering from various injustices including the recent ruling that stripped many of their citizenship. Lespinasse officially received the honor at a ceremony held on Friday, March 21, 2014 at the United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

She received the award this year as the successor to 2013's recipient Marie Jossie Étienne. Étienne received the award for her contributions to the role of women in policy in the country as well as her work for decentralization. Lespinasse's honor deals more with the aspect of Haitian migration, certainly a hot topic with the current atmosphere. Both women, and other recipients of the award, are acknowledged not only for the work they do in the present, but for the impact it will have on the future. With GARR, Lespinasse is laying down the groundwork that will form the political and social life of women in the country going forward.

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Colette Lespinasse Received Richard C. Holbrooke Award by Refugee International

The efforts of Haitian activist Colette Lespinasse have not been in vain. She has labored tirelessly for the last 20 years to fight for the rights of Haitian refugees who have relocated to the Dominican Republic as well as Dominicans who have been treated unfairly while in Haiti.

Lespinasse has finally been recognized by Refugee International, which has awarded her the coveted 2nd annual Richard C. Holbrooke Award together with a $5,000 token in appreciation of her work. The award was created to honor those who demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that they are committed to ensuring fair treatment of refugees, with protection of all their human rights.

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