Government Institutions Addressing Haitel Problem

Haiti Telecommunication International (Haitel) is now in receivership as a result of its tax problems with the government. General Tax Directorate (DGI) director general Jean Baptiste Clark Neptune announced that the request for Haitel's receivership was approved in order to continue the company's operations and protect its employees and shareholders. Neptune clarified that the measure was taken not to close the telecommunication company but to help it resume its operations.


It can be recalled that Haitel has been buried in debt. Since 2005, it has accumulated a debt of more than $80 million in government taxes from several institutions such as DGI, National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL), BRH and BNC, among others. The total debt accounts for 40% of government taxes.
CONATEL director Jean Marie Guillaume, who held a meeting with the DGI director, said that Haitel could no longer keep up its operation. It does not have money to pay its employees and purchase fuel for its generations anymore. As a matter of fact, the director added, Haitel's employees have not received their salary for over five months.

Despite the situation, Haitel customers remain supportive and still hope that the company continues to provide its services. In order to make it happen, CONATEL and the DGI are looking into the problem and trying to come up with a solution for it. Guillaume revealed that the DGI would focus on fixing the company's problems in taxes, while CONATEL would tackle its technical difficulties. CONATEL is currently communicating with ZTE to address the problem, as ZTE is Haitel's technical supplier.

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