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Justin Viard fired as Consul General of Haiti in Montreal

Unexpected decision by the Government of Martelly-Paul to remove the current Consul General of Haiti in Montreal. Many people who have been observing the current government have concluded that something must have happened for the decision.

On Friday, September 4th, Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal was called back from his responsibility. He was removed from his office by the Martelly-Evans administration for some undisclosed reasons which were not communicated by the Government of Haiti or by the Consul General himself. Justin was neither transferred, demoted nor posted to any other position on the diplomatic structure of Haiti whether inside or outside the country; he was simply revoked. The announcement of the sudden revocation of Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal, caused many reactions of misunderstanding within the Haitian community of Montreal. The exact cause of wrath that might have motivated the decision of Port-au-prince is still unknown, however, some sources indicate that it could lead to the use of diplomatic representation of Haiti by a third party for private commercial purposes.

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