Only the last election will be evaluated by the Commission

For those looking for a complete evaluation of past two election organized by the CEP, with a possibility to declare then null and void I want to tell you that the Evaluation Commission doesn't see it this way. You can look at the commission as a group here to do a paint job. Let's keep the dirt on the wall and give it a nice paint job like we recently did in Jalousie slum.


Despite huge cases of fraud recorded on August 9 and October 25, the new Commission of Evaluation has decided only to look at irregularities in the October 25 election. Members of the Commission made that clear to the press on December 28, 2015 that its mission is to look only at the first round of the Presidential election that took place on October 25

I guess the August 9 election falls under the statute of limitation which forbids prosecutors from charging those responsible for the fraud.

Haitian Kreyol:

Se sèlman pral eleksyon an ki sot pase a ap evalye pa Komisyon an

Pou moun kap chèche yon evalyasyon konplè sou sot pase de eleksyon ki te òganize pa CEP a, ak yon posibilite yo deklare nil epi Lè sa a, anile mwen vle di ou ke Komisyon an Evalyasyon pa wè li fason sa a. Ou ka gade nan komisyon an kòm yon gwoup la a yo fè yon travay penti yo. Se pou yo kenbe pousyè tè a sou miray la ak ba li yon travay penti bèl tankou nou dènyèman te fè nan Jalouzi bidonvil.

Malgre ka gwo nan fwod anrejistre sou Out 9 ak 25 oktòb, nouvo Komisyon an nan Evalyasyon te deside sèlman fè yon gade nan iregilarite nan eleksyon an Oktòb 25. Manm Komisyon an te fè ki klè nan laprès la sou li a, 28 desanm 2015 ki misyon li se fè yon gade sèlman nan premye tou an nan eleksyon prezidansyèl la ki te pran plas sou Oktòb 25

Mwen devine eleksyon an Out 9 tonbe anba lwa sa a nan limit ki entèdi ke pèsekitè nan pote plent-moun ki responsab pou fwòd a.

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Subject: Only the last election will be evaluated by the Commission edit

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