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Georges Andy Rene, Wilson Laleau, Laurent Lamothe named in Panama Papers

According to Miami Herald, Haiti is involved in the Panama Papers. For those who may not have the entire picture, Panama papers refers to 11.5 million secret documents leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca that has been working in the creation of offshore companies.

A Miami Herald investigation revealed how some Haitian individuals, politically connected tried to profit off a 2014 oil deal between Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago. The person in question was Georges Andy René who was heading an agency in full support from the Haitian government that was supposed to be promoting investment. this is the Centre de Facilitation des Investissements or CFI that was in operation from August 2012 to February 2014.

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Gary Conille washes his hands off PetroCaribe fund's misuse

Gary Conille explains his role in funds from PetroCaribe

Former Prime Minister Gary Conille who was invited to the Permanent Commitee and Senate Ethics Corruption to explain the management of fund from PetroCaribe under his administration made it clear that he had reservations about the system, procedures and in supporting different types of projects that were chosen.

He completely washed his hands off PetroCaribe funds and from some of the juicy contracts with some Dominican companies as juicy like Pontius Pilate at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus. Garry Conille reminded the committee that he was in charge of the PetroCaribe funds only for a period of four months(from October 17, 2011 to February 24, 2012).

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Abuse, bad management, Non payment of Petrocaribe fund revealed by Jocelerme Provert

In an address to the Nation on Sunday, March 13, 2016, President Jocelerme Privert described the current condition of the Petrocaribe contract with Venezuela as sick, almost dead. The contract has major problem, according to Privert.

One, We have not paid for the gas we purchased since August, 2015 (more than six months ago). As a result, the Haitian government owed several millions of dollars to Petro caribe.

Two, the Haitian government also owed the companies that received this particular fund from Petrocaribe to do several work projects in the country lots of money. At this time, most of these projects have stopped.

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Financial transaction ordered by Wilson Laleau raised red flag

Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime is crying out for vigilance following some huge financial transactions ordered by government officials who were only supposed to be liquidating current affairs. According to the Senator, he has in his possession several financial transactions made by the Minister of Finance, Wilson Laleau, that raise lots of questions. Here are some of the transactions:

On February 18, ONA Director requested to transfer 500 million of gourdes from BRH to account number: 1021011301898 in Unibank.

Also on February 18, ONA ordered the transfer of One Billion of gourdes from BRH to account number 131669799 belonging to ONA

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Yolette Mengual withdraws temporarily from CEP to face accusers

Yolette Mengual has decided to take a break as member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to make an attempt at clearing her name. She has been accused for some candidates and others in the population for receiving bribes in order to favor a particular candidate in the race. According to a message she wrote in her tweeter account, Yolette Mengual had announced that she temporarily suspended her participation at the CEP in order to lead a battle against the "unfounded accusation" against her

Haitian Kreyol:

Yolette Mengual pou yon ti tan soti nan CEP pou kontre akize li yo

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BCEN under investigation for corruption by Me Ocname Dameus

In regard to the allegation of corruption at the CEP and the BCEN, things are getting more serious as a formal investigation is under way by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. Me Ocname Dameus confirmed receipt of the letter issued by the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) denouncing the CEP and BCEN. He also announced that the denunciation analysis have already been launched.

What do you think?

Do you think the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince is capable of bringing criminal charges against members of the electoral body if evidence of corruption is found?

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Venezuela and Haiti, most corrupt countries in America

Who said that lately in every report compiled, Haiti has to come last in everything? This is not the case with corruption. According to a report released by News Americas Now, Haiti is sharing the lead with Venezuela as the most corrupt countries in South America and the Caribbean, based on a Transparency International report Index. The report was based on public perception of corruption in the public as well as in the private sector.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vye fre fo w pa dekouraje si lavi ap pran kout pye by Les Freres Parent

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Yolette Mengual reacted to corruption accusation

CEP member Yolette Mengual who was accused in a corruption scandal where received large sum of money from candidates to guarantee to them a seat in the Haitian parliament rejected completely these accusations. According to Ms. Mengual, there are no truth to any of them. In her first reaction since the accusation, she stated that she will contact her attorney to bring those who had accused her to justice. In that, she is referring to the Candidate for Ferrier/Les Perches, Gerald Jean who said thay he paid $15,000 US dollars in person to CEP member Yolette Mengual for a seat as Deputy.

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Vijonet Demero, Lourdes Edith Joseph, Yolette mengual, in hot seats

More revelations in the corruption scam at the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) are coming out. Beside Yolette Mengual, Vijonet Demero and Lourdes Edith Joseph are also named as CEP members who have been taking bribes from some of the candidates to winning them elected seats.

WATCH VIDEO: Corruption allegation toward members of CEP and BCEN

What do we know so far:

1: Gerald Jean, a candidate for Deputy for Ferrier/Perches, told several radio stations that he had paid more than $25,000 to a judge and CEP member Yolette mengual, in hopes of winning his seat on appeal. He showed copies of two bank deposit slips and said another $15,000 in cash was handed over in an envelope.

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FLASH: Gerald Jean paid $15,000 to Yolette Mengual to be Deputy

The Candidate for Deputation, Mr. Gerald Jean, is not a happy customer and like many unhappy customer, he has decided to do something about it by puting everything out in the open.

According to the Candidate for Ferrier/Les Perches, Gerald Jean, he paid $15,000 US dollars in person to CEP member Yolette Mengual for a seat as Deputy. This accusation was revealed on "Vision 2000 a L'ecoute" show on Radio Vision 2000 with Valery Numa. Although this revelation can get him in a lot of trouble such as being involved in corruption by paying for an elected position; however, he feels that he must show to the public the CEP and the BCEN for what they really are, two institutions that are marred in corruption.

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