Venezuela and Haiti, most corrupt countries in America

Who said that lately in every report compiled, Haiti has to come last in everything? This is not the case with corruption. According to a report released by News Americas Now, Haiti is sharing the lead with Venezuela as the most corrupt countries in South America and the Caribbean, based on a Transparency International report Index. The report was based on public perception of corruption in the public as well as in the private sector.


Corruption in Haiti

MUSIC VIDEO: Vye fre fo w pa dekouraje si lavi ap pran kout pye by Les Freres Parent

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Haitian Kreyol:

Venezyela ak Ayiti, peyi ki pi kòwonpi nan Amerik

Ki moun ki di dènyèman tout rapò konpile, Ayiti te toujou vini an dènye nan tout bagay? De tout fason se pa ka a ak koripsyon. Selon yon rapò pibliye pa Nouvèl Amerik Koulye a, Ayiti ap pataje plon ak Venezyela kòm peyi ki pi fin pouri nan Sid Amerik ak Karayib la. Sa te baze sou yon Transparans Entènasyonal rapò Index. Rapò a te baze sou pèsepsyon piblik la sou koripsyon nan piblik la osi byen ke nan sektè prive a.

Ki sa po panse?

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