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Me Andre Michel, a fugitive according to Me Francisco Rene

According to Haitian authorities, the Human rights lawyer, Me Andre michel is now a fugitive of the law. Government Commissioner, René Francisco, stated that lawyer Andre Michel became a fugitive from the moment he decided to flee the courthouse without a release order.

The Haitian government put out a statement saying: "by voluntarily accepting the help of three parliamentarians accomplice to escape the courthouse while he was under the orders of the court, the defendant is constituted as a fugitive"


Once again, i am sorry to ask my usual stupid questions. However, the moment I heard that Attorney Andre Michel has become a fugitive of the law, there are some questions that immediately came to mind:

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Dominican Court Strip Citizenship from Children of Haitian Migrants

In a recent judgment by Dominican court On September 26, 2013, a decision has been taken to strip the Dominican citizenship of Haitians who were born on Dominican soil after 1929. This awesome category even deprives the right of the citizenship to the descendents of the Haitians who were brought in almost 100 years ago to work on farms.

The Dominican court has reasoned that those Haitian farm workers were "in transit". So it is quite natural that their children are not entitled to automatic citizenship. Prior to the constitutional revisions of 2010, the government had been regularly granting citizenship automatically to any individual born within its borders even to the children of the parent who was "in transit" for a period more than 10 days. In 2007, the Electoral Council of the country, officially announced denial of citizenship to children born to illegal migrants. This decision of Dominican court that left thousands of people stateless may cause a human rights crisis.

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In Haiti the executive is above the other powers, Sak Pa Kontan Anbake

Forget about constitution " Konstitisyon Se Papye". Forget about the way most people believe it should be. In Haiti, we do things a little bit differently. Let's put it this way, the power is shared between the three branches of government with only one difference, the executive branch takes a bigger part of the cake.

At least this how our president Michel Martelly sees it. In a recent statement that actually did not please too many Haitian authorities, the president would like to make the public believe that the executive is above the other powers.

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Haitian-Dominican Republic Trade and Constitutional Court

Florida International University's Working Group for Haiti sponsored the Kiskeya CEO Summit in Port-au-Prince on September 3, 2013. Officials from the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Banks' International Finance Corporation sat on the sidelines to witness the discussions, affecting Haitian-Dominican Republic (DR) trade relations. Bilateral donors were also present.

Both Haitian and DR businesspeople discussed a just-released study on trade impediments between the two countries. Import-export relations have been strained due to, in particular, Haiti's sanction against poultry products exported by the DR. The reason behind the sanction was an outbreak of bird virus in the DR, which was quickly contained. The government of Haiti (GOH), however, refused to rescind the ban, causing tension between the two governments.

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The Court of Jacmel, Restoring over 100 years of history

Three years ago, the Court of First Instance in Jacmel was a crumbled heap that didn't bode well for restoration plans. Even the engineer who would eventually oversee the restoration effort, Jean-Marie Dutreuil, thought the once-proud, 100 year old building was fit only to be leveled to the ground. It is the good fortune of the city, the country and the many inmates overrun in the Jacmel prison who are awaiting trial that a little bit of faith was extended, and a very important part of Haiti's judicial history will be fit to stand for at least another 100 years.

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Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier have so much in Common

Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide finally has his day in court; however, this is something that might become one of the biggest events of the year. After Jean Claude Duvalier who had his day in court earlier this year, now it is Aristide's turn

I don't know if you have been able to detect trend and similarities within these two highly controversial personalities in Haitian politic, in that I mean Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier, but I do. Let's see:

1) Both Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide have passionate fanatics

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The trial of the Century In Haiti, Clifford Brandt and his accomplices

Clifford Brandt, businessman and entrepreneur, is being brought to justice as the lead defendant of accomplices involved in an abduction network. The network has been targeting victims of kidnapping for many years.

The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police arrested him back in October 2012, after he abducted two youths. The kidnapping laid bare a network of abductors participating in abductions going back several years. Brandt, along with 12 of his co-conspirators will be tried in a criminal court proceeding before a judge.

Judge Me Gabrielle Dominique filed an ordinance specifying charges against 19 defendants including Brandt. Brandt is being indicted on charges of kidnapping, sequestration of people against ransom, criminal conspiracy, false death threats, possession of illegal firearms, and money laundering.

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Jean Claude Duvalier finally has his day in Court

This is one for Haiti history book, former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in a Haitian court for the first time Thursday (February 28, 2013) to answer charges of human rights abuses during his brutal lasting over 15 years (1971-1986).

Te courtroom holding that historic event in Port-au-Prince was packed. One could remark the presence of several journalists, activists, supporters of the Duvalier regimes, as well as representatives from several embassies.

This was also the first time the victims were facing Jean Claude Duvalier, the one they directly accused of being the perpetrator of all these crimes. Alix Fils-Aime and Robert Duval, two of the most vocal victims of Duvalier Crimes were present at the court hearing. It was the first time for them to see Jean Claude Duvalier answer direct questions about the widespread abuses associated with his dictatorial government.

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Former president Jean Bertrand Aristide to go to Court on January 3, 2013

Is this a sign of what the year 2013 is going to be for former Haitian president Jean Bertrand?

The former president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand is scheduled to appear in front of the Prosecutor of the Civil Court of Port-au-Prince this January 3, 2013 to answer two separate complaints. The Fanmi lavalas leader is going to be buzy as he will deal with a group of former students of his social work "La Fanmi Se Lavi" as well as his alleged responsibility in bankruptcy for the fraudulent financial cooperatives in 2002 and 2003.

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Ertha Pascal-Trouillot

Despite the changing gender roles and the growing feminist movement, female presidents or heads of state are quite rare in Haiti. One of these very few powerful women in history is former Haitian president Ertha Pascal-Trouillot. Politics has always been said to be meant for males as power and control are often associated with being a man. But as time went by, women began competing with this notion and have been made leaders and politicians along with men.

Pascal-Trouillot was born in a suburb of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince in 1943. Her father was an iron worker while her mother was a seamstress and was the ninth child of their ten children. The future president acquired a law degree from the prestigious École de Droit des Gonaives and was a judge for federal courts for more than ten years. She then became the first woman justice of the country's Supreme Court. And in 1990, Pascal-Trouillot was proclaimed as Haiti's temporary president after the successful revolt against former president Prosper Avril which put him out of office.

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