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Carnival Freedom cruise ship rescued raft with 29 refugees from Haiti

On the night of July 6th, Carnival Freedom rescued a sinking raft off the coast of Florida. The raft had 29 refugees from Haiti. The Carnival Freedom cruise was en route back to the home port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They were alerted by United States Coast Guard that there was a vessel sinking and there are 29 people on board. The Carnival Freedom has always assisted mariners, and they turned towards the sinking vessel. The United States Coast cutter arrived on the scene and released the Carnival Freedom so that they could proceed to Fort Lauderdale.

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New cruiseline "Quantum of the Seas" to go to Labadee

Royal Caribbean's brand new cruise line, Quantum of the Seas, is proving to be the true measure of all sea-faring vacation liners. Like the Titanic, a hundred and one years before it, this new cruise ship boasts the sort of amenities and capabilities only conjured up before in fevered, hallucinatory dreams. Not set to make its maiden voyage until 2014, Quantum will, no doubt, end the similarities with the doomed ocean-liner at the point of ambitious scope.

Set to be outfitted with all the regulars expected and depended upon in a Royal Caribbean (RC) cruise-liner, Quantum will also boast skydiving, simulated by the use of air pressure, bumper cars and a 300 feet bird's eye lookout called The North Star. RipCord (skydiving) will utilize strong winds to essentially float the brave up into the air. It's a feature that has been offered at various land-based parks, but this will be a first for the 'high' seas. The North Star, described by the execs of RC as an 'observation capsule' is said to be a sea-bound replica of the London Eye. It can hold at any one time 14 of the over 4,100 passengers on board and gives them an unprecedented view of the sites around them.

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The 2013 Carnival Celebration Aboard Adriana Cruise Ship

National Carnival 2012 Committee announced the arrangements of a three day cruise ship. The cruise ship is expected to be in the Bay of Cayes all through the Carnival festival beginning 19th February till 22nd February. The Adriana Cruise ship M.V. is to serve as a floating hotel in the Cap-Haitian and Jacmel Carnival in 2013.

The Cruise - 18th February To 22nd February

This floating hotel, Adriana Cruise Ship, has a large number of facilities and amenities. It is expected to depart in the afternoon on 18th February, Saturday from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. All night, on board there will be a Masquerade Ball. It will arrive at Cayes on the morning of 19th February.

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