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Wencesclass Lambert apologizes with warning to Daniel Theodore

Wencesclass Lambert, a Senator from South-East Haiti behaved like a street fighter when he punched Daniel Théodore twice on the face on March 9, 2014 at a political meeting in the town of Marigot. Daniel Théodore is a second year student of agronomy from the Public University of East Jacmel (LIPSEJ) and a delegate of MORACS who lost two teeth on this aggressive assault. The incident occurred before many attendees of the meeting. Following the altercation, when the Senator was asked by the press whether the student threatened his security or deserved an apology, her said it was he who deserves an apology from the citizen. The whole country knows how he has disrespected someone at his stature. If someone behaves like this to a self respected person like him, it is nothing wrong to lose nerve and give two well deserved knocks on the face.

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Daniel Theodore Lost Tooth After Beaten By Wencesclas Lambert

When a political meeting was going on in the town of Marigot on Sunday, 9th March 2014, a young activist named Daniel Théodore, a second year student of agronomy from the Public University of East Jacmel (LIPSEJ) and a delegate of MORACS was attacked by Senator Wencesclas Lambert (South-East). The aggressive assault caused injury and the loss of two teeth to the citizen. The Senator Lambert hit Daniel Theodore twice in the face before many observers who were attending the meeting. As per the Senator's statement the student was at fault because he disrespected his joint authority as a Senator and a Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and vehemently abused him during the middle of a meeting. The student called that the declaration by Senator Lambert is not true. He stood up and outlined the inconsistencies, unkept promises made four years ago (construction of a health center in the area) and raised corruption charges against the Senator.

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Senator Wencesclas Lambert broke Daniel Theodore's teeth

This can happen only in my beloved country of Haiti. A Senator of the Republic of Haiti publicly stated that he punched a citizen who did not attack him. Not only he punched the citizen, but he hit him twice. He further states the only reason he did not arrest the citizen is because his security personnel was not there.

The incident took place on March 9 at a meeting between the Senator and members of MORACS. Senator Wencesclas Lambert became angry after Daniel Theodore reminded him that some of his promises were not delivered

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