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UDMO Police Officer shot dead in Anba Gwo Mon in Saint-Marc

Another Police Officer is dead. Lorame Kensky who came from the 8th promotion of Police Institute was shot dead by armed bandits. He was an Agent IV with the UDMO Unit. Officer Lorame Kensky was amboshed and killed in a locality called "Anba Gwo Mon" in Saint-Marc, as he was on his way to the city of Gonaives for training.

Is it normal for all the Police officers who are supposed to protect us are unable to protect themselves

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

UDMO Ofisye Polis te mouri nan yon lokalite ki rele "Anba Gwo Mòn" nan Saint-Marc

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In voodoo, death is an extension of life and not be feared

The 'spiritual realms' operate over and alongside the physical realms where God has absolute authority. It is a real world, invisible to the natural eye but visible to the eye of faith. The following paragraphs are an excerpt of Patrick Delices's memoir, a Pan-African Haitian scholar and political analyst. He wrote it on the sudden demise of Max Gesner Beauvoir on September 12, 2015.

Just a year ago, Professor Delices had met Max G. Beauvoir. Beauvoir was one of Voodoo's highest priests (Ati Houngan) and most venerated supreme servant (Supreme Servitur). Professor Delices was amazed at Beauvoir's wisdom because it surpassed every graduate course he had ever learned in universities. He had taught Professor Delices something which he never heard before-- the secret of life, not to fear the death. The wisdom of Max Beauvoir was supreme as his humility along with his humanity was sublime. In Haitian Voodoo, the ancestral-spiritual realm is understood to be Africa, where the humanity was born and where our souls, after death return to live. Haitian voodoo teaches that death is a process of reborn whereby the soul gets released from the body to bring out the God within us for the greater good of humanity. Life and death are complimentary forces that transform one into the other-- death is not a frightening thing; it is an extension of life. However, this thought differs from western philosophy which says that life and death are not same; they are separate entities where death is a fearful object which is never welcomed.

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Day of the Dead Celebration in Haiti

The day of the dead might strike the ignorant as a macabre event, especially in Haiti where the November 1st and 2nd celebration is intricately linked with Vodou. But the practice, shared by other countries such as Mexico and Guatemala, with roots as far-reaching into history the Aztec civilization, though called by other names in different locales, is not so much a dark, pagan ritual as a joyous celebration of the life of lost ancestors.

Hundreds of practitioners of the Vodou and Christian persuasion flock cemeteries and light homemade candles, strew flowers, and offer food and alcohol to the spirits Ghede and Baron Samdi. And since Vodou's legalization in 2003, the ceremonies have become more accessible and certainly more attractive to tourists wanting to witness the cultural spectacle.

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Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste, the Father of Little Haiti in Miami died at the age of 87

Considered the father of Miami Little Haiti area, Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste is widely known for establish the name "Little Haiti. Viter Juste was a visionary and a pioneer. Many people would tell you that this man deserves much of the credit for helping South Florida's Haitian community become the thriving group it is today.

Viter Juste wanted Haitians in South Florida to build a vibrant community. According to family, Juste wrote an article to The Miami Herald and named it 'Little Port-au-Prince.' However, the Miami Herald edited the title, calling it instead 'Little Haiti.

Over the past several decades, Viter Juste was very happy to see watch the positive transition of the Haitian community in Miami, moving from Haitian immigrant boat people to become a force politically and economically in South Florida

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40 people drown when bus overturns in Glace River, near Pestel Haiti

A bus overturned on Monday 18th June 2012 in flooded Glace River in the southern area of Haiti and near the town of Pestel. Since the accident officials have been issuing contradictory reports regarding the number of people who were aboard and the number who died.

The bus accident took place somewhere near the town of Pestel. The town is located on Haiti's southern peninsula. The director of civil protection of Haiti, Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, was reported saying that the driver of the bus had received warnings against crossing the rain swollen Glace River.

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Christianity And Judaism, Where Do Dead People Go?

Christianity has various beliefs when it comes to life after death but one thing followers have in common is that they believe in the afterlife.

Catholics, Baptists, Protestants and other Christians have been taught differently about afterlife beliefs. However, the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory are very common.

Many Christians believe that the fate of the departed depends on how he lived his life on Earth. According to the Catholic Church's teachings, people who led a good life tend to go to Heaven, where they will be with God, angels, departed relatives, and fellow believers. Those who did bad things on Earth and did not repent them are expected to get punished in Hell. Bad people who hurt others while they were alive suffer from hellfire for eternity. Another Catholic belief is the existence of purgatory, which is located in the middle of Heaven and Hell. This is where people who failed to confess their sins usually go to. Some believe that spirits that were sent there can move on to Heaven in time.

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Three thieves burned in tires (Pere Lebrun) in La Plaine, Port-au-Prince

It is with great sadness that news of three dead young boys reached the citizens of Haiti last week on Wednesday. The bodies were found in the wee hours of the morning having been killed and with their hands tied behind their backs and burned with vehicle tires. The three young boys were said to be a mob of thieves that had been terrorizing the cities and towns near La Plaine, Port-au-Prince and had given the residents a vey hard time for a while. It is therefore believed that the residents lynched the boys with the idea of trying to teach the residents a lesson.

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Bus accident around Les Cayes, 9 dead and 24 injured

Major traffic accident on Saturday. A Bus in direction to Jeremy, overturned as the bus slammed into a roadblock made by protesters. According to Police, these protesters were upset because they were not hired for a job to which they had applied for.

9 people were pronounced dead on impact and 24 injured were transported to a Hospital in Les Cayes.

A spokesman for the Department Direction of Civil Protection reported that 5 of the injured individuals received life threatened injuries.

Three people were immediately arrested for this accident.

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Mr. Marc Louis Bazin, AKA Mr. Clean has died

The Haitian "Joudalist" just learned that Mr. Marc Bazin, who is a former world Bank official, , former World Bank fuctionary, and former Haiti Prime Minister passed away on wednesday, June 16, at the age of 78. It is also reported that he passed away after a long fight with Prostate cancer.

Marc Louis Bazin was a former the finance minister under Jean-Claude Duvalier. It is reported that Mr. Bazin attempted to fight corruption under Duvalier, but was unsuccessful.

During the Aristide era, Mr. Bazin was considered the one who could get the country out of its problem. He was considered the favorite candidate for the international community and and acceptable alternative to Aristide by the Haitian elite.

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