Christianity And Judaism, Where Do Dead People Go?

Christianity has various beliefs when it comes to life after death but one thing followers have in common is that they believe in the afterlife.


Catholics, Baptists, Protestants and other Christians have been taught differently about afterlife beliefs. However, the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory are very common.

Many Christians believe that the fate of the departed depends on how he lived his life on Earth. According to the Catholic Church's teachings, people who led a good life tend to go to Heaven, where they will be with God, angels, departed relatives, and fellow believers. Those who did bad things on Earth and did not repent them are expected to get punished in Hell. Bad people who hurt others while they were alive suffer from hellfire for eternity. Another Catholic belief is the existence of purgatory, which is located in the middle of Heaven and Hell. This is where people who failed to confess their sins usually go to. Some believe that spirits that were sent there can move on to Heaven in time.

Meanwhile, Judaism does not really have a definite explanation about the afterlife because it mainly pays attention to the present life. However, followers have their own opinions about life after death and most of them are quite similar with that of the Christians. Orthodox Jews believe that a good person goes to a heaven-like place after death, while bad people will suffer from pain caused by their own demons. Reincarnation is another Judaism belief related to life after death.

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