Two major Elevated Highways over Delmas and Carrefour

In 2004, according to key government statistics, 20% of the roads in Haiti were made up of highways. According to a recent announcement by the Minister of Public Works Transport and Communication (MTPTC), Jacques Rousseau, at the Council of Ministers, that number will have a slight, yet significant, bump with the plans to construct two new highways.


Funded by the Venezuelan gift that keeps on giving, PetroCaribe, the $30 million dollar venture will erect Elevated Highway Interchanges at Carrefour and Delmas. The plans are set to start in April, and with billboards to be erected announcing the details to the public post-haste, and in the most effective manner for the people who traverse these two areas and are so, set to benefit most from the project, the two new highways are expected to greatly relieve the congestion which grows to epidemic proportions on a daily basis along both commutes. The heavy traffic also contributes to the poor state of the current roadway, as the same government statistics show that 80% of the network is said to be in either bad or very bad condition.

The secretary of state for Public Works, Philippe Cinéas revealed that the price tag for work in Carrefour, where the highway will lie at the intersect of Rails and the Haitian Coast Guard, will be $13,635,729 and the work in Delmas, to be located at the airport crossroads, will cost $16, 585,378. The project, estimated to last for 18 months will be undertaken by Estrella, a Dominican construction company, and will be supervised by LGL SA.

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Ruddy Frank says...

this island belng to haiti please return it to haiti its not fair please return nalavass and the island is not florida territory it belongs to haiti territory beause tis small country cannot fight with you please be fair you are the greatest fear country of the world you there for peace and the peoples

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