Marleine Bastien wants to stop deportation now and free our children

The Haitian Women of Miami staged a press conference outside their Miami offices on August 27, 2014 to test the theory that there is strength in numbers. The advocates would try to sway the immigration officials, who have in custody over a dozen Haitian migrants, to release a list of the names of those held. Speaking to the crowd at the event, the group's Executive Director, Marleine Bastien, said that the detainees needed to be given their right to due process.


The refugees were picked up days before as they tried to enter the United States through Hillsboro Beach. Information is scarce, but of the 20 migrants suspected to have set out, 19 have survived, 5 of whom are children. Desperate family members also were present at the press conference, holding up pictures of their loves ones, chanting along with the crowd for a stop to deportation and the release of the children in custody.

On the other side of the coin, immigration and customs spokesman, Nestor Yglesias said that the agency could not, nor would not, release any more information at this time, as the investigation is still ongoing. He continued to reassure, via his official statement, that the agency is treating the incident as they do any other maritime event, and the detainees would be given "full due process."

The event was used to propel the approval of a family reunification parole program for thousands of Haitians waiting in Haiti to be reunited with their families in the States. A local artist, Alexis Caputo, summed the situation up by saying, "People come for the American dream, and they get a nightmare."

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