In general everything goes well, Edmond Mulet following Haiti election

I do not know where the Director of the Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, gets his information.


Following the 2010 Haiti election, Mr. Edmond Mulet said: " "in general everything goes well, all is quiet. There are minor incidents in Desdunes (north of the country) but there is no reason to fear because it is a party election."

Was he looking at the same thing we were looking at? Please, can someone tell me?

Is Mulet referring to the election in Haiti that took place on November 28?

Was he listening to the news media that were covering all the problems I heart about on the day of the election?

Is it the same election where two-third of the candidates who participated in the election joined together to denounce the election, accusing the government of widespread fraud, including voter intimidation. Many voters took on the streets on the day of the election to demonstrate their dissatisfaction.

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Lupe says...

What do you expect from someone like that?

That proves that the international community doesn't care about us as long as their man is on power and we the people are fooled by a botched election or not. All they want is acquiring our natural resources for free of

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Subject: In general everything goes well, Edmond Mulet following Haiti election edit

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