Guidelines for Weeks Following a Disaster

Many tasks still need completing beyond the first few days after a disaster has occurred. Once more urgent needs have been met, make a list of safety measures to protect your belongings and property. Here are some guidelines to get you started.


Move your furnishings to a storage space (for safekeeping), while your house is being repaired. If you own a large vehicle such as a trailer, you can store household objects and belongings in it and secure it.

Take dry and canned goods from your kitchen and store them in the trailer or trunk of your car. Also take freezer food and store it in a rented freezer locker nearby.

If you can't take family pets to your temporary residence, bring them to an Animal Care and Control center, for temporary shelter.

Put your kids back in school as soon as you can. They need structure and friends to feel near-normal again. They will function better as a result.

Monitor unknown cars driving by your house frequently. They could be looters waiting for an opportunity to strike. Write down their license plate number if you can.

Make arrangements for someone to guard your property. If you can't find an available friend or relative, hire a security guard. The person guarding your house will also be able to answer to your whereabouts for relief aid agencies trying to locate you.

With a security plan and safeguards put in place, looters will be less likely to target your property.

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