Second Haitian Embassy Burglarized in Three Months for Safes

Haitian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Fritz Cineas' residence was burglarized on February 5, 2014. An EDESUR utility van pulled up to the embassy with five uniformed men inside, evidently EDESUR employees, or so the embassy security guard thought. The men told the guard they were there to make a repair to the electrical system. Taking the men at their word, the guard let the van through a heavy metal gate and was attacked with a blunt force object. Once inside the building the men found a Haitian domestic, whom they tied up and gagged, then going to the second floor where they stole two safes.


Initially, diplomatic embassy aide, Magaly Jeanti Magloide, when informed of the burglary, said she was unaware of the kinds of valuables the safes contained. Only when Cineas returned from a trip would she know. She did say the security guard had been treated for his wounds at the hospital, and an investigation was proceeding. Police spokesman, James Matthew Slimer, after contacting Cineas about the theft, learned the safes held critical documents, and an undisclosed amount of cash. Further investigation to uncover more information is ongoing.

Manuel Castro Castillo, the police chief, has directed Criminal Investigations Director, Cesar Rojas Sena, to perform "a detailed and thorough investigation" concerning the burglary. Another burglary similar to the Cinéas case occurred at the Haitian Embassy in the Bahamas in November 2014, the thieves making off with two safes also.

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