Deputy of the National Progressive Force (FNP) in DR, Vinicio Castillo and anti-Haitian stand

At a conference in the Municipal Center of Yaguate, San Cristóbal, Mr. Vinicio Castillo, the Deputy of the National Progressive Force (Fuerza Nacional Progresista or FNP) has announced his plan to hold conferences to inform the Dominican population the harms of massive Haitian illegal immigration to his country. Mr. Castillo is a prominent Dominican lawyer and controversial figure in Dominican politics; he is well known for his anti-Haitian stand. At the conference, he has said that the Dominican Republic is under constant threat of invasion by illegal Haitian immigrants through the almost non-existent border control. He has added that the news of non-deportation and the plan of his country to regularize earlier immigrants have encouraged many Haitians to cross the border.


He blatantly criticized the role of Haitian government as they are not at all eager to provide documents to its citizens but rather prefers to wait and create an internal revolt in the country when the fixed date of regularization is over. It is like an attempt to halt the power to exercise the sovereign right by the Dominican authority to deport illegal entrants. As per his disclosure, his sources of information indicate that the Haitian Government wants Dominican authority to grant nationality to all illegal immigrants born in Dominican soil before 2010. There are some similar reference instances of granting nationality under amnesty but that very much contradicts a recent Dominican Constitutional Court ruling! He hopes to collect 300,000 signatures for holding a referendum demanding to build a boundary wall at the border to curb every attempt of invasion. However, we may recall that the first request of holding such referendum by Deputy Castillo and Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, a presidential spokesperson, was categorically rejected by the Dominican authority. They said that the government does not have any smallest intention to build such a wall on the border.

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Subject: Deputy of the National Progressive Force (FNP) in DR, Vinicio Castillo and anti-Haitian stand edit

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