Haiti to Create a National Security Agency

To alleviate corruption countrywide, mainly in the border with the Dominican Republic, the Haitian government declared the creation of a National Security Agency. The announcement came in public on June 12 of this year. About 2,500 persons will join the agency to monitor the traffic of goods in the border, said Interior Minister Thierry Mayard Paul. Smuggling causes the country an annual loss of $ 500 million. There will be several unit of the National Security Agency including civil protection, fire-fighter, environmental police, the permanent secretariat for risk and disaster management and coast guard, the Interior Minister added.


Haiti is one of the most corrupted countries in the world according to different international organization's survey reports. Development of the country has seriously been being hampered for quite long because of corruption. Therefore, to fight corruption the Haiti initiated a movement against corruption in the first week of June. 40 members of the electoral board and government officials who were engaged in corruption were identified in that campaign and detained. A total asset worth $92,000 was found by their name, allegedly from public funds.

There is no military force in Haiti since 1994 when the Army was dissolved by the former President Jean Bertrand Aristide on the allegation of violation of Human Rights against the force. However, current President Michel Martelly took initiative to re-establish of the Army in November, 2011. The creation of a National Security Agency can be seen as a start. As many as 3,500 troops will be hired initially as a part of the program. A total of $ 95 million will be needed to implement the entire program.

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