Don Kato Candidate for Senator of West Department under Verite banner

Did you believe that Don Kato would not take advantage of his public conflict with the Martelly government for not allowing him to take part of several Carnivals in the past, you were wrong. Did you believe that Fanmi Lavalas would be the political party he would likely run under, once again you were wrong.


Brothers Posse lead singer Antonio "Don Kato" Cheramy finally made it official. He registered his candidacy for Senator of the West Department under the Verite banner, a party created by former President Rene Preval

Now, I am totally confused. Some peoplle have been saying that the Verite party of Rene Preval is working closely with Michel Martelly. If this is the case, what is Don Kato doing there?


Don Kato Kandida pou Senatè nan Wès anba vérité banyè

Èske ou kwè ke Don Kato pa ta pran avantaj de konfli piblik li te ginyin ak gouvènman Martelly-a? ou trompe'ou ti papa

Èske ou te kwè ke Fanmi Lavalas se pati politik li ta gen anpil chans kouri anba , yon lòt fwa ankò ou trompe ti papa

Don Kato finalman te fè li ofisyèl. Li anrejistre kandidati li pou Senatè nan Depatman West anba banyè la vérité, yon pati kreye pa ansyen Prezidan Rene Preval

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Julio De Castro says...

It is time for the Haitian University to start saying no to their kind of destructive political situation that is prevailing in Haiti.

Enough is

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Rosa Leon says...

Haitian Politic is one of the most terrible thing I have been watching.

You have everyone now involved in politic, musicians, kidnappers, drug dealers, etc.

I just have one question, do we expect Haiti to get better with these leaders?

If you think things are bad in Haiti now, just wait for a few more years.

Sadly, I predict that within 3 to 5 years from now the country of Haiti will be totally outlaw.

I think even the international community will not be ale to control events

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