Donald Trump to Build Border Wall to Keep Immigrants Out

The main theme of Donald Trump's campaign, and to his national security strategy is "clamp down on illegal immigration". His hard line on immigration will thus include a vast deportation force to relocate people to the other side of the wall, stretching nearly the length of the southern border, funded by Mexico and to implement this, he said, he would follow the example of the military-style roundups authorized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 (known as Operation Wetback) that expelled hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. He believes, this will reduce the population of 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States.


It seems that Donald Trump is not interested to take the lesson of the 2012 Republican defeat, turning off Latino voters ensured defeat in the general election.

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Nestor P Mateo says...

GOP had no other choice, but to accept the candidacy of a candidate who has all the possibilities to loose.

They know they will loose anyways, and, besides that, they will get rid of this ugly candidate.

They don´t really support or like him, but, as I said, they have no choice.

This way, they will put the blame of the sure defeat on him.

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Subject: Donald Trump to Build Border Wall to Keep Immigrants Out edit

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