Haitian drug trafficker Beaudouin Jacques' Ketant to be released

Drug Trafficker gets Sentence Reduction for aiding in prosecution of Haitian Government Officials


In a Miami court, a federal judge has agreed to the sentence reduction of Haitian drug trafficker, Beaudouin Jacques Ketant, from 27 to 13 years. The reduction will allow Ketant to be released soon. The sentence reduction was approved because the U.S. Attorney's Office reported Ketant assisted them in prosecuting Haitian government officials, involved one way or another in the drug trade.

Ketant went so far as to implicate former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide as operating as a drug lord. Ketant alleged Aristide managed the transporting of cocaine shipments along the drug corridor of Haiti. As a result of the frame-up Artistide was ousted by militant rebels. The U.S. ushered him out of the country on a government jet.

Ketant confessed to transporting over 30 tons of cocaine between Columbia and the U.S. for a dozen years or more. He says he was able to avoid getting arrested because he paid bribes to Aristide, who had Ketant's back. Once apprehended Ketant received a 27-year prison sentence and a fine of $15 million. Aristide denied ever being involved as a drug trafficker and was exonerated by the U.S. Justice Department after an investigation.

Ketant is not guaranteed his personal safety once he is released. He faces a chance of being deported back to Haiti where his enemies want revenge because he aided the U.S. in prosecuting ". . . just about every important corrupt official in the Aristide government"

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Cher says...

US got tired to feeding him and housing him so they reduced his sentence and sent him to meet his maker! Surely he is a dead man walking! NO doubt he knows it

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Subject: Haitian drug trafficker Beaudouin Jacques' Ketant to be released edit

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