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Woman with pumpkins stuffed with cocaine at Canada Airport

A woman originally from the Dominican Republic, who holds passports from both that country and Canada, was held recently after an x-ray of three pumpkins she was traveling with on a flight to Canada revealed that the Halloween staples were packed with bags of cocaine.

Suspicion arose when a Border Service Agent at Canada Airport asked 26 years old Mercedes Jerez Farias, who was not able to lift her own luggage due to the weight added to by the 4.7 kilos of smuggled cocaine, questions she was unable to adequately answer. Adding to her tight-lipped approach, Farias declined to answer to further questioning put to her after she was arrested by the RCMP.

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James Rosemond, former Martelly's Business Partner, received Life for Drug trafficking

This is an advise to President Michel Martelly: " You need to do a better job in selecting your friends and business partners".

I remember even today one thing that my mother told me long ago" Sa-ou Frekante Se Sa Ou Ye". As a result, I do not have a lot of friends and never had. However the few ones that I have, are "Pletty Good People"

All these was to comeback to the original news for today.

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, who founded Czar Entertainment and previously managed rappers The Game and Too Short, and also had business dealings with former musician and current Haitian President Michel Martelly, will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Pierre Esperance rejects questions on integrity in affair Joseph Lambert and Edo Zenny

As they've made it their mission to question the goings on of any and all individuals, entities or even the government as they relate to issues of human rights and justice, it is a point of irony that the RNDDH, (The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) has, itself, been called out on the integrity of its dealings in the affair concerning former Senator, Joseph Lambert and current Senator, Edwin Zenny.

The organization had received the official testimony against the senators and the accusation is that the RNDDH has been subjective and have delineated towards a decidedly partisan opinion. The two senators were accused of being directors of the Kakos criminal syndicate. Their accuser, Sherlson Sanon, gave a testimony that was notarized, stating that Zenny and Lambert had issued him orders to commit various crimes including electoral fraud, drug trafficking and murder.

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Sherlson Sanon Exposes Two Presidential Advisors as Drug Lords,

Former criminal operative, Sherlson Sanon, testified about his involvement in KAKOS, a crime syndicate, before the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH). His testimony implicated ex-Senator Joseph Lambert as his mentor, who drafted the then-11year-old Sanon into a life of crime.

Lambert persuaded Sanon to quit school, telling him a diploma would not get him what he wanted--money. Lambert educated the youngster as a drug runner, with special training as a cocaine expert. Sanon's education included the use of weapons, vehicles, and personal tools of the trade.

Sherlson Sanon also implicated Government Commissioner, Lenny Thelisma, whom Sanon says received several shipments of drugs in Carrefour Fleuriot. What is particularly disturbing about Joseph Lambert and Thelisma is both are advisors to President Michel Martelly.

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Edo Zenny and Joseph Lambert accused in network of drug trafficking and kidnapping

There has been serious accusations brought to two very important, powerful and close friends and associates of President Michel Martelly. Sherlson Sanon, a child soldier an admitted former criminal, made damning testimony on the role of Senator Edo Zenny and former Senator Joseph Lambert, in a network of murder, kidnaping and drug trafficking with members of the gang "Base Kakos"

Sherlson Sanon revealed in a testimoy made at RNDDH on March 12, 2013 that former Senator and current Presidential advisor Joseph Lambert, current Senator Edwin Zenny and Government Commissionerof Croix-des-Bouquets, Me Leny Thélusma all have been been involved in

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Pierre Jenty orchestrates a Sham Voodoo Curse Bilks $20,000 out of Victim

A New York woman, believing she'd been hexed, sought services of a Voodoo practitioner, Pierre Jenty, in Miami Florida. Sixty-six year-old Jenty, a con artist, scammed upwards of $20,000 dollars out of her. It came to a violent end when she came up short of money on her last trip to him. She was drugged and raped.

The unidentified victim was a Haitian Voodoo believer. Voodoo, an integral part of Haitian culture, was brought to Haiti by Congolese slaves. When European colonists settled in Haiti, Catholicism became the dominant religion, forcing Voodoo underground. But Voodoo priests adopted Catholic practices, and the religions have co-existed peacefully since.

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Report Attacks Haiti's Ineffective Drug-Trafficking Enforcement

The international community (IC), especially the U.S., has growing concerns about Haiti's leniency when it comes to clamping down on international drug trafficking. The country is a port-of-call for cocaine entering its southern border from South America, and marijuana from Jamaica.

A 2013 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, issued not long ago, characterizes the pace of enforcement efforts as maddeningly slow. Too few check points and spotty air surveillance on Haiti's northern and southern shores is the primary cause. The laxity of enforcement permits shipments of drugs into the country from the southern end, and their movement out of the country in the north.

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Drug Trafficking business And National Police In Haiti

Drug trafficking is a serious issue in Haiti as the country has been a transit point for drug dealers and smugglers. Drug shipments from South America to the United States, Europe, Canada and Caribbean nations usually pass through Haiti and this is why the police force are always on alert. According to reports, drug shipments are made by both sea and air. Even though local production of marijuana is moderate in the country, drug trafficking remains a serious case.

The national police are exerting efforts to clamp down on drug trafficking. Director General Mario Andresol said that since the devastating earthquake in 2010, crimes in Haiti, including drug shipments, are on the rise. He added that the national police are planning to increase their number from 10,000 to 15,000 in three years.

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Jean Bertrand Aristide to face Haitian Justice for drug trafficking and money laundering

According to sources that we can trust, formal complaint has been filed with Haitian Justice system against former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The former Haitian leader has been accused for being involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. The list of individuals accused beside former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is extensive. The complaint was formally introduced at the Cabined of Instruction in Port-au-Prince


This new development in Haiti has to compete for coverage as the country is currently dealing with many others that have been in the front page. Some of the other hot topics in Haiti include: The citizenship of President Michel Martelly, the investigation for contracts given to Dominican firms, Affair Arnel Belizaire, the resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille, The upcoming Election required, The publication of the Haitian Constitution.

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