Stephanie Villedrouin wants Three Year Plan to Promote Tourism

The government of Haiti (GOH) has been pushing hard to develop its tourism sector, which ground to a virtual halt after the 2010 earthquake. Recently the GOH doubled the amount of its tourism budget in an effort to take on more projects to attract tourist dollars.


Ambitious plans are being made by the Departmental Directorates of Tourism South (DDTS) and Southeast (DDTSE). Both directorates advanced strategies for promoting tourism in their regions at a strategy session held in October. Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin, was present. She emphasized to both directorates that their action plans must account for tourism development for 2013 through 2016.

The DDTS action plan covered six core areas, referred to as intervention points that the DDTS can act on with the MOT's oversight:

• Administrative restructuring to handle an increased flow of project management requisitions, staffing, coordination, memorandums of understanding, and other related functions.

• Creation of a tourism program that promotes Haiti's natural resources as tourist destinations.

• Education of local officials about the economic benefits of tourism.

• Regulatory framework to ensure the proper functioning of the tourism infrastructure.

• Restoration of key tourist sites to reinvent the DDTS's public image.

• On-going promotional campaigns to sell tourism features and benefits.

The DDTSE action plan followed a similar strategy, describing the priorities of the directorate in the areas of:

• Administrative functioning
• Infrastructure building
• Material and manpower
• Axis of cultural, natural resources, and eco-tourism
• Education of local governments
• Collaboration between all tourism directorates

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