BOUCLIER spoiled election in Grande-Anse, Yolette Mengual

According to a prominent member of the CEP, Yolette Mengual, The situation in the region of Grande-Anse is out of control. She directly pointed the finger at the Political Party BOUCLIER who she accused for creating an atmosphere of violence in the region.


Yolette Mengual stated that member of BOUCLIER go to various Voting centers and proceed on stuffing the ballots or taking the urns with them.

She reported that in Jeremie, three Voting centers are closed. In Fond Cochon in Roseau, the Voting Center was closed by the supervisor after members of BOUCLIER came in and took the urn with them. According to Mario Luma, member of the CEP, individuals identified as BOUCLIER went into his home and threatened his family.

Yolette Mengual has been asking for Police reinforcement, however, she is not satisfied with their response, calling it inadequate.

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Subject: BOUCLIER spoiled election in Grande-Anse, Yolette Mengual edit

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