Haiti Election Day, August 9, 2015 - Updated by the minute

5:05 PM - All Voting Centers closed and the count has started. Today election is marked by several irregularities. Polling stations across the country did not open on time as some ballot boxes were late to arrive. Voters were unable to their names in some official voting lists. In Port-au-Prince, at least three voting centers were closed prematurely after some people attempted to stuff ballot boxes and ripped up paper ballots. Political Parties observers were upset and in some places were involved in violence, and rock throwing as they were unable to observe the operation. Several scattered arrests were recorded at some polling stations. Official reactions were overall positive. Prime Minister Evans Paul as well as President Michel Martelly said the government was satisfied with the legislative elections.


1:45 PM - Ink easily washed with water and soap allows Multiple voting in Haiti. It has been reported that many have been able to vote multiple time for their candidate. Voters use water and soap to wash the ink in their finger after voting; then move to the next voting center to vote all over again. One voter admitted to vote 5 times in the election

11:50 AM - Yolette Mengual said that BOUCLIER out to spoil the election in Grande-Anse. She stated that the situation in the region of Grande-Anse is out of control and pointed the finger at the Political Party BOUCLIER for the violence. She said that they stuffed some ballot boxes in Voting Centers in Jeremie as well as in Fond Cochon in Roseau where the Supervisor was obligated to close several centers. Because. Again members of BOUCLIER came in and took the urns with them. Mario Luma of the CEP reported that individuals identified as BOUCLIER went into his home and threatened his family. Police response to the violence in the Grande-Anse region has not been effective.

11:20 - White Pick-up with armed bandit, causing Panic at several Voting Center. According to several eyewitnesses, a very organized operation is taking place where white pick-up identified as Ford Ranger going to several Voting Centers, drop some bandits who go inside to walk out with the urns.

10:30 AM - Two Voting Centers closed in Arcahaie. People have not been able to vote in two voting centers in the city of Archaie. It was reported that armed individuals earlier came in the voting centers and ran with the urns

9:29 AM - Violence at Petite Riviere Voting Center. We just learned that several bandits entered a voting center with gun on hand to disturb normal voting procedure in the locality of Blin. Police arrested one of the bandits

8:55 AM - Major incident at Voting center at Isidor Boiron. It has been reported that several Mandated people decided to commit violence. They entered the Voting Center by force and decided to break the voting material available. At this time, all activities have been suspended at this particular voting station.

8:40 AM - Transportation problem reported. Several people have witnessed a lack of public transportation available in the streets of Port-au-Prince. The Haitian authorities had ordered all vehicles to remain at least 300 feet from any Voting Center on the day of the election. However, it appear that by precaution or misunderstanding, most Tap Tap owners are staying home

8:18 AM - Major problems with people mandated to by Political parties to represent them at the Voting centers. The problem of Mandated people at the voting centers continues to be a major problem in many voting center. In some centers, not all of them are allowed in. In some instances, only two or three of them are allowed to be inside to monitor the votes

8:08 AM - Election Delay reported in several areas in the Haitian Capital as well as in several regions in Haiti.

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