Rumor of Conspiracy, Enex Jean-Charles to replace Privert

According to Pierre Esperance, Executive Director of the National Network Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), is currently opposed to his boss, Jocelerme Privert. Not only that the current Prime Minister doesn't see eye to eye with Haiti Provisional President, Jocelerme privert; Pierre Esperance revealed that the Prime Minister is conspiring with members of the Parliament to remove Privert and give him executive power.


By the way, I want to point out to you that according to the Haitian constitution, the President can't fire the Prime Minister once he is ratified by the National Assembly. Should we say this is a power grabbing opportunity for Prime Minister Enex jean-Charles?

if nothing else we should all agree that Prime Minister Jean-Charles now has some power with an opportunity to do lots of damages to President Privert. Power is one of those things they call an opportunity of a lifetime and not too many people faces with such opportunity will let it go. just go back in the history of mankind to see the evidence. In Haiti, we can just refer to Dictators such as Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier as they declared themselves President for life in order not to relinquish power.

In addition, in reference to Haitians in particular, we love power very much. You may not agree with me. If that is the case, how do you explain the high number of political parties we usually have during the elections.

The only thing I would say to Enex Jean-Charles, the ball is on your hands

What do you think?

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Privert te pran echappe presifentielle lan main yon president ki te elu democratikman ap remet echappe presidentielle la a yon president ki elu democratikman...makout volo sa yo tjrs gin nostalgie pouvoir...depi yo pas sou pouvoir Pou yon jour ...yo panike...yo tjrs peur pou yo pas juger ...paske yo tjrs ap volo ...ap piye

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Subject: Rumor of Conspiracy, Enex Jean-Charles to replace Privert edit

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