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Ti manman Cherie in Ennery Hands Out Electronic Cash Aid Cards

Ennery is a small metro area of 31,285 citizens, located in Gonaives Arrondissement under the Artibonite Department. Ennery is a tourist spot, whose chief attraction is Puilboreau Mountain. Placid and quiet, it is a locale for those, who wish to avoid the crowds that flock to more crowded destinations on the island.

Village Ennery is the town's main hotel. It attracts the tourist trade and businesspeople, who enjoy seclusion away from business conferences and seminars. The hotel contains air-conditioned units decorated in the Indian Chiefdoms Era. There is a restaurant serving Haitian cuisine, a swimming pool, a nightclub, catered events, and historical sites close by.

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Toussaint L'Ouverture Machiavellian Ruler of Hispaniola

Toussaint L'Ouverture, born circa 1741, began life on a plantation in Saint-Domingue. In 1776 he became a freed slave. Once released from servitude, he acquired properties and became a rich man.

In 1791, he assumed a role as one of the military leaders of the Haitian slave revolt. He sought support from the Spanish in Santo Domingo, which sent provisions for his battles against the French. In a ruse, L'Ouverture co-opted the philosophy of the French Revolution, ingratiating himself with the government, influencing them to abolish slavery. By then the Spanish had become alarmed about L'Ouverture's assimilation of large tracts of land that threatened their sovereignty. These two events led L'Ouverture to switch alliances from the Spanish to the French.

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The Small Town Of Ennery

Haiti's Artibonite Department would not be complete without the town of Ennery. Located on the northwestern side of the country, Ennery is one of the municipalities comprising the Gonaives Arrondissement. It covers 217 square kilometers of land and houses some 46,590 residents. Also known as Ville de l'anse, the town of Ennery consists of several areas such as Pascal, Hamel, Boutique and Durand. It also has four communes namely Puilboreau, Chemin Neuf, Savannah Square and Queen Pass.

It might be difficult for some to get to Ennery because the town is hilly, meaning one has to hike in order to reach it. Air travel, however, is not that inaccessible because the town is not that far from Cap Haitien Interntional Airport, Toussaint Louverture Airport and Port-de-Paix Airport.

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Haitian Leader Joseph Davilmar Theodore

Joseph Davilmar Theodore was born in 1847 in Ennery, which is in the district of Gonaives and the Artibonite department. He served in military of Haiti. He was against the leadership of Oreste Zamor. Therefore he organized with cacao farmers to rebel against President Oreste Zamor.

He succeeded in overthrowing president Zamor and he took over as the president on November 7, 1914. He took the oath on November 10, 1914. He convinced the U.S government to offer money to his government in exchange for custom control, railway and banks.

When he became president, he failed to pay the cocoa farmers as he had promised them. The cocoa farmers rebelled against him forcing him to resign on 22 February 1915. He was succeeded by Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam. He went to banish in Curacao but he later returned to Haiti under American protectorate.

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