Ti manman Cherie in Ennery Hands Out Electronic Cash Aid Cards

Ennery is a small metro area of 31,285 citizens, located in Gonaives Arrondissement under the Artibonite Department. Ennery is a tourist spot, whose chief attraction is Puilboreau Mountain. Placid and quiet, it is a locale for those, who wish to avoid the crowds that flock to more crowded destinations on the island.


Village Ennery is the town's main hotel. It attracts the tourist trade and businesspeople, who enjoy seclusion away from business conferences and seminars. The hotel contains air-conditioned units decorated in the Indian Chiefdoms Era. There is a restaurant serving Haitian cuisine, a swimming pool, a nightclub, catered events, and historical sites close by.

But another side exists to Ennery, common throughout Haiti's tourist towns. The citizens of Ennery live in grinding poverty. While tourists enjoy Haitian cuisine down the road the women of Ennery struggle to feed their families.

Recently Marie Auguste, Human Rights and the Fight against Extreme Poverty Delegate Minister, visited Ennery to hold a social dialogue with 749 mothers, members of "Ti manman Cherie". The women came from the first and second communes of Ennery.

After the dialogue ended, which focused on the importance of mothers as the stabilizing force in their families, they each received an allotment of two months of cash transfer to be accessed through electronic withdrawals from Unitransfert and Unibank.

Attending the dialogue also were 100-plus seniors, who received 1,000 pink, white, and blue hats, as well as solidarity baskets.

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