The Small Town Of Ennery

Haiti's Artibonite Department would not be complete without the town of Ennery. Located on the northwestern side of the country, Ennery is one of the municipalities comprising the Gonaives Arrondissement. It covers 217 square kilometers of land and houses some 46,590 residents. Also known as Ville de l'anse, the town of Ennery consists of several areas such as Pascal, Hamel, Boutique and Durand. It also has four communes namely Puilboreau, Chemin Neuf, Savannah Square and Queen Pass.


It might be difficult for some to get to Ennery because the town is hilly, meaning one has to hike in order to reach it. Air travel, however, is not that inaccessible because the town is not that far from Cap Haitien Interntional Airport, Toussaint Louverture Airport and Port-de-Paix Airport.

The name Ennery was derived from the 1775 governor of Saint Domingue named Victor Therese Carpenter. The town was formed a year after his inauguration. Ennery has a lot of cultural, historical and traditional significance. A popular Haitian revolutionary by the name of Toussaint Louverture was actually from this town. As a matter of fact, the remains of his house can still be seen along the town's borders. Moreover, Ennery is also known for some celebrations. Among the most popular celebrations is the feast of Saint Hubert, which is marked every fifth of November.

In a bid to further develop the town, various programs have been launched in the past. One of the projects that are currently underway is the reconstruction of the water supply system. This project is headed by the Japanese government, which aims to provide people clean drinking water and to prevent waterborne diseases.

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