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New World Symphony Fellows taking the stage & The Haitian community invited

I have a very exciting opportunity concerning the residents of Little Haiti Miami! Last year, they submitted footage of Little Haiti to the community project, Miami in Movements (Project 305). You can see exactly what they submitted by clicking here! This weekend, residents of Little Haiti will have a second chance to see this unique project! Don't let them miss out! See more information below!

I am excited to share that next Saturday, Feb. 3, the New World Symphony Fellows will be taking the stage alongside Artistic Director and conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT), for the annual "New Work" performance. The highly-anticipated program will feature the world premieres of a newly-revised Miami in Movements, musical compositions and literary works by MTT himself as well as an exclusive micro-play by famed New York playwright, Christopher Wall. Would love to invite you to attend and cover the event!

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The 9th Edition of Artisanat en Fete

On Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, Emilie Jessy Menos, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTIC) was present at the premises of the Research Institute for the Advancement of the Haitian Crafts (IRPAH) to launch the 9th Edition of "Artisanat en Fête" (Craft Fest).

Every year 'Artisanat en Fête' draws several thousand visitors and lovers of national production; it is an opportunity where the common people can meet and interact with a number of artisans gathered in one place. This recent ninth edition was held for 2 days, between October 10th and 11th, 2015, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The themes of this current edition were based on paper work of artisans of Jacmel chewed (Chewed paper takes shape and settles for more than 50 years; a local pride), cut irons of the villages of Noailles and Léogâne, carved stone, sculptures, paintings, jewelry and bags, etc were categorized separately for easy viewing. The Ministry of Tourism offered 5 kiosks to 5 craftsmen at the Historical Park of the sugarcane.

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Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XII) in Haiti

The twelfth edition of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XII) was opened on Friday night, August 21, 2015, with exciting performances, speeches and fireworks. Twenty two Caribbean nations took part in this festival between 21 and 30 August 2015. On Thursday, the day before the festival, in an inaugural ceremony at the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH), the Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul was present and he was accompanied by some other important Haitian ministers like the Ministers of Culture, Dithny Joan Raton, the Tourism and Creative Industries, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin.

During the occasion, a cocktail dinner was held in the honor of the festival delegates present. There the Prime Minister has said, although Haiti is only the host country of the festival, but we took part in the planning of the events. He took the opportunity to describe Haiti as the present cultural capital of the Caribbean during the festival. Our country has been honored to receive the largest cultural event in the Caribbean for ten days. Thousands of delegates and representatives from 22 participating countries will enrich us with their culture, their expertise and their colors. Among many diversities, there are some common threads of fundamental things that unite the entire Caribbean nation; it is their root, culture, religion, history, songs, drums and language. The theme of CARIFESTA XII was 'Our roots, our culture and our common future.'

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Montreal's 2013 International Black Film Festival Celebrates Black Achievement

Montreal is holding its ninth International Black Film Festival of 2013. The Festival committee held a media conference to talk about the Festival events.

The main honoree will be Danny Glover, an academy-award nominated actor. He will pick up the 2013 Montreal International Black Film Festival's Humanitarian Award. Involved as an activist, most recently as a supporter for a transit workers' strike in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has made films with some of Hollywood's top actors, among Mel Gibson, Sally Field, and John Malkovich.

Other honorees are Kim Nguyen, an academy-award nominated director, and Josue Lajeunesse, a Haitian-American activist. Lajeunesse came to public awareness in a featured role in "The Philosopher Kings". He has been recognized for his good works in helping Haitians raise their living standards. Aimé Cesaire, co-founder of the Negritude Movement, will also be honored, he would have reached 100.

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Beloved Comic Legend, Lamour E. Laguerre AKA Tom Male, AKA Manmi Prela

Haitian stand-up comedian Lamour E. Laguerre gained his popularity under Tom Male and Manmi Prela

who goes by the stage name of Tom Male, is a beloved figure in Haitian comedy, not only by his fans, but also his colleagues. Born with a funny-bone, Laguerre incited his family and friends to fits of laughter whenever he was around. He was, not surprisingly, named the funniest boy in his class at school.


After high-school Tom Male began working the comedy circuit, amassing legions of fans and attracting the attention of Boston entertainment manager and record producer, Marc Sam Dalzon. Dalzon saw Laguerre's potential and became his agent. With Dalzon's support, Laguerre began auditioning for TV comedy roles, achieving success, and building a resume of TV, film, recording, and commercial vice-over credits. Dalzon, who owns a record company, marketed Laguerre aggressively. He made several original recordings, a release of cover material, compilations, and a best-of CD.

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Haiti's Papa Pye, Jean-Claude Joseph also named Father Peter

Jean-Claude Joseph, aka Papa Pye, is considered a member of the few that make up "Original Kings of Comedy". A native of Petion-Ville, he lived in Bas-Peu-Chose and Carrefour also. As a foster child, he was fathered by an educated man, who taught at Toussaint and Pere Adrien colleges, where Joseph went to class with former Haitian President Paul E. Magloire.

Jean-Claude Joseph, aka Papa Pye became popular in the 1980s when he starred in the comedy series "La Vie Nan Bouk La", modeled on the U.S. comedy series "Sanford and Son". When he left the series, his comic absence was mourned by viewers. He went onto a successful film career, starring in the horror movie "Fly People" and two dozen other starring vehicles.

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Daniel Fils-Aime, AKA Tonton Bicha, Comic Buffoon

Daniel Fils-Aimé, aka Tonton Bicha, was born in 1973 in the town of Cap-Haitien. As a boy, he joined Young Catholic Patriots Company where he developed his comedic timing. A handsome, young, and refined man of 32 offstage, he is a human cannonball onstage. His character, Tonton Bicha, is a 72 year-old farmer, who dresses in natty peasant attire, and sports white bushy eyebrows and a mustache.

He walks onstage spouting his trademark lines in Créole. A born clown, he is kinetic and juvenile, his jokes side-splitting. The audience's roaring laughter eggs him on with more ridiculous behavior that has people nearly falling out of their seats. In one bit, he strips down to his shorts and struts and poses like he is the sexiest man alive. He easily outshines other comedians on the bill. But it is hard to resent him when they are doubled-over with laughter.

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Fernel Valcourt AKA Jesifra, Haitian Comic Legend

Fernel "Jesifra" Valcourt is a Haitian-comedian legend. Born in Cap-Haitien, he began training in the performing arts at an early age, and recognition for his theatre work catapulted him to national prominence soon. He has been so revered for his natural talents, Tonton Bicha regards him as a motivating force that drove him to seek a career in comedy.

Valcourt's humor strikes a universal chord, and has made him a celebrated figure among the Haitian Diaspora and younger people as well. His comedy is slapstick-based, and he engages in sly risqué jokes that have audiences laughing knowingly. He uses his stage persona, Jesifra, to delight and take jabs at authority figures like President Martelly. His trademark sound bites have the audience laughing before he even gets to the punchline.

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Kako Bourjolly is Ready for Prime Time

Kako Bourjolly is one of Haiti's top comedians, whose show, Kako's Bingo Night, is one of the most popular acts on the comedy-club scene. People think he is an overnight sensation, but he has been performing as a comic for the last 20 years.

In the beginning, he founded a comedy troupe with three other comedians and experienced his first taste of success. Every single show they performed at sold out. The demand to see Kako grew so strong; a second show had to be added. He recalls the only reason he didn't become well-known in the States was because he only performed part-time, too busy with his day job to devote more time. Kako though finally decided to take the leap into comedy full-time. And he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, Kako's Bingo Night being the proof.

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Action Plan One Month before the Wedding

If you've completed action plans for phase one, two, and three for your wedding day, you're ready to start phase four.

If you've completed action plans for phase one, two, and three for your wedding day, you're ready to start phase four.

Send your completed wedding invitations out, if you have not done so already. Do not wait another day, because guests--if out-of-town--will need to book travel and hotel accommodations in time.

Get a wedding portrait taken of you and your fiancé together or separate portraits. Remember to get references for the photographer. You don't want a less-than-professional portrait of yourselves to end up on the wedding announcement page of your hometown paper.

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