Haiti's Papa Pye, Jean-Claude Joseph also named Father Peter

Jean-Claude Joseph, aka Papa Pye, is considered a member of the few that make up "Original Kings of Comedy". A native of Petion-Ville, he lived in Bas-Peu-Chose and Carrefour also. As a foster child, he was fathered by an educated man, who taught at Toussaint and Pere Adrien colleges, where Joseph went to class with former Haitian President Paul E. Magloire.


Jean-Claude Joseph, aka Papa Pye became popular in the 1980s when he starred in the comedy series "La Vie Nan Bouk La", modeled on the U.S. comedy series "Sanford and Son". When he left the series, his comic absence was mourned by viewers. He went onto a successful film career, starring in the horror movie "Fly People" and two dozen other starring vehicles.

When not filming or performing his comedy act, Joseph practices karate, having achieved his black belt. He is considered one of the pre-eminent masters of karate alongside other karate greats. After 2000, Joseph received his green card as a resident of New York to be closer to his children. Although he doesn't see them often because they live out-of-state, Papa Pye says they speak often.

His ground-breaking "La Vie Bouk La" comedy show, deemed a comedy classic, is shown in re-runs throughout the Caribbean. In the show, his character steals every scene out from under the other performers, making viewers howl with delight and tune in every night. Although advanced in years, Papa Pye, Jean-Claude Joseph is still excited about performing, regularly reading scripts sent by his agent, looking for his next hit.

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