Haitian Government Supports National Family Planning Initiative

Although more young Haitian women are using birth control to manage the size of their families, much remains to be done to further lower the national birth rate. In response to bringing pregnancies and births in line with the rate of two children per family, the Ministry of Public Health and Population has inaugurated a country-wide Family Planning (FP) campaign. An integrated approach by a FP Committee will administer the program. Consisting of three stages: a preparatory stage, launch stage, and a put-into-effect stage, the duration of the FP program will run six months, at a cost of three million USD.


A state strategic initiative for maternal health and family planning, drafted in December 2012, is a three year effort, and encompasses tthe FP program. It is using the National Health Policy 2012 guidelines. The FP program also falls under a May 2013 Presidential Decree for compulsory family planning services at every health facility in Haiti.

Adoption of today's contraceptive pills and devices has been slow to catch on in women 15-49 years of age. In 2006, use of contraceptives was at 24.8% and has increased to 31% in 2012.

Rates of contraceptive use need to increase more, given Haiti's population has doubled from five million in 1975 to ten million-plus in 2013. The population is increasing by 1.6% each year.

Benefits accruing to women, who practice birth control, are fewer pregnancies, good maternal health, financial security, higher employment rates, and a healthier economy.

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