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Contributory Reasons for Feeling Anger Long after Abortion Has Taken Place

Emotional interruptions are inevitable after undergoing any form of traumatizing experience. Abortion is not an exception and any patient who undergoes the procedure without dealing with emotional maturely will definitely experience emotions of anger long after undertaking the abortion treatment. What causes the anger feeling is a misery t many. The section that follows will try to bring to light the contributory reasons for persons nursing the feelings of anger long after the abortion treatment.

Many persons who undertake abortion might have not reconsidered their decision before settling for the final decision to eliminate the pregnancy. This means that some may have concluded to eliminate the pregnancy due to the rude shock of realizing that they are pregnant. They are scared to the point that they will spend little time to consider the available options. Sometimes, they may be pressured to have the abortion and do not have the time to consider the risks deeply. This realization brings the feeling of anger in that they realize they could have spent little more time to think about abortion before undergoing the procedure.

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What Is Gut Feeling?

Ever had an intuition? Some people call that gut feeling

Have you ever sensed something you believe is true even without proving it? If yes, then what you had was gut feeling.

A gut feeling is an instinctive emotional reaction towards a certain person, object, or situation. A person who has a gut feeling over something couldn't point out the reason why he feels that way. He just does. Gut feelings are thoughts coming from the brain's insular cortex and are not generated by consciousness. They are described as reflections of intuition.

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Steps In Following Your Gut Feeling

There comes a time when you know and feel something is right but couldn't quite explain it. Isn't it Gut Feeling?

Those moments are your intuitive moments, when you just know what to do without rationalizing or overanalyzing things. That intuition or instinct is also called gut feelings. It's termed that way because people often feel something in their stomach when they feel that something is wrong or that they have to take a different action from what everyone is expecting. It is best to follow what your gut is telling you to do because it is right most of the time.

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Reasons To Follow Your Gut Feeling

Gut feelings are like intuition and instincts that you couldn't explain literary.

Something just feels right and true even if you couldn't prove it. Gut feelings can be useful in a lot of ways. As a matter of fact, many people follow what their gut is telling them when making a decision. But can you really trust your gut feelings? Is it best to go with them or just stick to what is rational and obvious?

There are studies showing that gut feelings are the result of brain's reception to subliminal signals. There are things that a person wouldn't consciously understand or pick up that the unconscious brain can. Subliminal signals are those that the conscious self can easily miss in certain situations. A neuroscientist at the Centre for Neuroimaging Research said that when people think that they are having an intuition, it just means that their brain learned an association between subliminal signals and the likely results of their action. Another scientist added that the unconscious brain, which produces the gut feelings, is wise because it always picks the best decision.

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Gut Feeling, How It Works

If you have no idea what to do in a given situation, that's the time you may want to rely on your gut feeling.

See, gut feelings are intuition pointing you to the best action to take. But how does gut feeling works and how does your gut choose a decision for you?

First of all, the term gut feeling was derived from the fact that your stomach area and brain are closely connected. You would be surprised to find out the ability of your gut to communicate with the brain. Also, the gut is where people feel the impact of their strong emotions, thoughts and reactions. Thus the term gut feeling.

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Gut Feeling, The life inside

What is gut feeling? Why is it called that way?

What is the association between the gut and feelings? These might be the questions swimming in your mind when you heard the term gut feeling. This article would explain this phenomenon.

For starters, gut feelings are reflections of your intuition. It happens when the unconscious brain receives subliminal signals in a given situation. In most cases, gut feelings are always right. And this is also why many people follow what their gut is telling them to do.

Now, you might be wondering what the gut has to do with it. As a matter of fact, the gut plays an important role in people's lives. The term gut feeling comes from the fact that the gut or the stomach area is where the second-largest network of interconnected neurons is located. Remember the feeling in your stomach when you're having strong feelings and reactions over something? That is because the gut has its "independent" nervous system. Considered as the second brain, the gut is also full of neurons and microbes that are crucial to one's physical, mental, and emotional health. The gut also has an excellent ability to communicate with the brain. There are studies that found out that changes in gut bacteria can affect a person's mood, behavior, and way of thinking.

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