FIFA World Cup, Brazil and Argentina trigger passion among Haitians

As FIFA Soccer World Cup comes closer to the finals, Haitians enthusiastically watch their favorite's - Argentina and Brazil - as if Haitians themselves were fighting for this year's title. Capital Port-au-Prince and the entire country for that matter is now decorated with Brazilian and Argentinean flags, by supporters that are ready to put any other activity on hold when a game of any of the favorite teams takes place.


"I am Brazilian, but my brother is Argentine" states proudly one of the fans, as if he really was in fact a citizen of the country that is his favorite, in this year's World Cup.

When Brazil or Argentina is playing, all the streets of the city are deserted. Even the street movements expected to state an opposition to President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, were advanced as to take place before the World Cup started.

"We have to mobilize to kick Martelly out of the presidential palace before the beginning of the World Cup," stated opposition Senator Moise Jean-Charles. The demonstrations were advanced but unsuccessful and now the citizens of Port-au Prince are all busy watching the game.

The only time Haiti ever took part in the FIFA World Cup was in '74 and they left the cup to return home after the first round of the tournament.

It is, however, interesting to note that although these are the favorites, some of the Haitians now also show support for new teams such as Cameroon and Ivory Coast as well.

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Arnold says...

Jesus Guys...get your news publication facts together...the WC is over long time

you live in a different

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