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FIFA World Cup, Brazil and Argentina trigger passion among Haitians

As FIFA Soccer World Cup comes closer to the finals, Haitians enthusiastically watch their favorite's - Argentina and Brazil - as if Haitians themselves were fighting for this year's title. Capital Port-au-Prince and the entire country for that matter is now decorated with Brazilian and Argentinean flags, by supporters that are ready to put any other activity on hold when a game of any of the favorite teams takes place.

"I am Brazilian, but my brother is Argentine" states proudly one of the fans, as if he really was in fact a citizen of the country that is his favorite, in this year's World Cup.

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Diego Armando Maradona criticised FIFA for charging Haiti for World Cup

The retired football legend from Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona, brought strong criticism to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and its policies. The issue started due to FIFA charging Haiti $2 million for the rights of broadcasting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Although the Haitian team has not been involved in the World Cup since 1974, when the Haitian team returned home after the very first round of the tournament, most of the Haitians are great fans of Argentina and of Brazil.

As this was the price to be paid, the government had to make it happen and find the $2 million. Otherwise the Haitians would have been kept away from their most dear competition of the year. Haiti has just been taken out of the list of countries that it is recommended not to travel to. It is trying to rebuild its economy and the political party that rules, tries to maintain a policy of popularity among Haitians.

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Wyclef Jean to Perform "We Will Find a Way" at 2014 FIFA World Cup

Haitian-American Hip-Hop artist, Wyclef Jean, has been chosen by Sony Music to perform the official anthem at the closing ceremonies of the Brazil FIFA World Cup of 2014. He came to prominence as part of the Fugees during the 1980s, with their second release, The Score, which sold 6,000,000 copies.

Jean spent his early years in Haiti, but his family moved to New Jersey while he was still in grade school. He attended college fitfully, before he finally completed his education at Berklee College of Music.

By the late 1990s, he broke with the Fugees to start his solo career. He made music history playing alongside Shakira in her video, Hips Don't Lie, which was the biggest monster hit of the new millennium. He also composed the sound track for the documentary, The Agronomist.

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President Michel Martelly in Brazil for the World Cup Final Argentina-Germany

It doesn't matter whether or not you can't go to Brazil to watch the 2014 World Cup Soccer final between the two best teams Argentine and Germany. Haiti will be officially represented. Our own president Michel Martelly will be present at the final game.

President Michel Martelly will be in Brazil on Sunday (July 13, 2014) for the final match of the 2014 World Cup between Argentina and Germany. The game will be held at Maracana Stadium.

There are many other heads of states who will also be present at the game, including: Vladimir Putin, the Presidents of Russia, Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, János Áder of Hungary. Also, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, the President of China.

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Joseph Obas, Former player of Haiti national Soccer Team, dead

We learned with sadness the passing of former member of the Haitian National soccer team, Mr. Joseph Obas. He died on Saturday, June 21, 2014 in New York of a heart attack as he was watching the World Cup, game between Argentine and Iran.

Born in the North of the country, Joseph Obas started his career in the city of cap-Haitian. He later moved to the Haitian Capital where he became a member of the Racing Club.

Not Emmanuel Sanon, but Joseph Obas is considered to be the highest Haitian scorer for the Haitian National team. He was one of the major players who caused Haiti to qualify for the 1970 World Cup.

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Haitian-American Jozy Altidore injured his hamstring Playing Ghana

The Haitian-American we all have been expecting to shine in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil may be out for the rest of the games.

Just in the 23rd minute of his first game in the 2014 World Cup, Jozy Altidore was obligated to come out. Sadly enough, his brief apparition might have been just that.

He pulled his left hamstring as he was attempting to run with a pass received from midfielder Michael Bradley.

Hamstring injuries are common in athletes. a pulled hamstring is no other than an excessive stretch or tear of muscle fibers and related tissues. During gait, the hamstrings undergo a complex process which makes it very vulnerable to frequent injuries. It must contract concentrically during the end of the stance phase in order to bend the knee and allow the foot to clear the ground. Also, at the end of the swing phase the hamstrings needs to contract while applying a braking moment to knee extension.

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Two Haitians playing in 2014 world Cup, Jean Beausejour for Chile, Jozy Altidore for U.S.

Although most Haitians are supporting either Brazil or Argentine in this 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil, we have been more involved and surprisingly, our involvement have nothing to do with either.

Two players of Haitian origin are currently playing in the World Cup. Jean Beausejour is defending the Chilean National team, and Jozy Altidore is a major contributor in the U.S. soccer team.

The son of a Haitian father and a Chilean-Mapuche mother, Jean Beausejour was born in Santiago, Chile. He began playing Football professionally at Universidad Católica in 2001. Due to his superior soccer skill, he was selected for Chile national team by coach Marcelo Bielsa.

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Wyclef Jean to perform at FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony

A major accomplishment for the Haitian artist. FIFA has selected Wyclef Jean to be in the line up of entertainers who will be performing at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. He will be accompanied by Carlos Santana, Avicii and Alexandre Pires.

"We will find a Way" the song to be interpreted by Wyclef Jean.

Wyclef Jean is scheduled to interpret the song titled:"Dar in Rio or We Will find the way. His performance will take place during the closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro in front of millions of spectators who will be watching at the stadium, in Television and on their internet.

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Joe Geatjens, first Haitian who scored in World Cup

This is a story all Haitians should know. Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian immigrant, scoring the only goal for the US at the World Cup in 1950 winning the game against England.

When we think about Haitian soccer players scoring in world cup, we usually think about Manno Sanon. Emmanuel "Manno" Sanon was a member of 1974 Haitian National Team who participated in the world cup in Munich, Germany.

The story of the Haitian soccer player Joe Gaetjens did not end there. As it was the case for many Haitians during the Duvalier reign, Joe Gaetjens became an innocent victim of that time. As you will see in this video on ESPN, they also showed Fort Dimanche where Joe and so many others disappeared and died.

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