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Tropical Storm Isaac on Haiti - Video & Photo Updates by the minute

This is a report on the ongoing effect of the tropical storm Isaac that hit Haiti on Saturday, August 25, 2012.

Please remain connected with us. As we are monitoring the situation, we will continue to provide any update to you. The entire country is under our coverage.

Just stay put and refresh your browser often to capture the latest update posted on tropical storm Isaac.
Another video of the storm Isaac as it goes through Haiti. The storm hit Southern Haiti With Winds Around 60 Miles Per Hour. Many streets were flooded, power Lines down and homes flooded.
(video not available)

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40 people drown when bus overturns in Glace River, near Pestel Haiti

A bus overturned on Monday 18th June 2012 in flooded Glace River in the southern area of Haiti and near the town of Pestel. Since the accident officials have been issuing contradictory reports regarding the number of people who were aboard and the number who died.

The bus accident took place somewhere near the town of Pestel. The town is located on Haiti's southern peninsula. The director of civil protection of Haiti, Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, was reported saying that the driver of the bus had received warnings against crossing the rain swollen Glace River.

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Useful Tips For Flooding

The number of lives lost through flooding is alarming. Floods have also damaged people's property and countries' expensive infrastructure. It is therefore of high importance to be on the alert. Here are some of the tips to keep you prepared before the next flood finds you unaware.

Number one; you need to know how prone your area is to flooding. You can get this information from the Red Cross chapter in your locality.

Know the signs. If your area is experiencing heavy unending downpour, be alert another flood may just be knocking. On the contrary, flash floods may not prepare you; it takes a few minutes to a few hours for a flash flood to develop.

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A prayer for Haiti before Hurricane Tomas hits

This goes without saying that Hurricane Tomas concerns lots of people around the world for Haiti. These people, more than one million f them, are literally living out in the streets. The tents that they are currently living under are not even effective in keeping the sun out.

Hurricane Tomas is likely to bring rain which many experts predicted will exceed 20 or 30 inches. Major flood with mudslides is also likely following hurricane Tomas.

So imagine, winds of over 90 to 110 mph in tents while water rising with mud. By the way, there is an outbreak of cholera going on right now in Haiti and hurricane Tomas could create a more widespread outbreak.

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Potential Flood for Haiti with Storm Alix

A tropical storm is likely to be developed in the Caribbean with potential danger of Flooding in Haiti.

What would happen to the people currently living in the tent cities all around Port-au-Prince?

Forecast from the National Hurricane Center in Miami just announced that Haiti is likely to experience some flooding with the approaching tropical storm.

According to the Center, they continue to watch closely this tropical storm as it can be the first real challange in Haiti since the earthquake of January 12.

Can you imagine a hurricane hitting these people under the tent, with high winds, pooring rain and flood bringing down everything on its path? Everybody knows that we can't go through a hurricane or flood or heavy rain at this time

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