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Useful Tips For Flooding

The number of lives lost through flooding is alarming. Floods have also damaged people's property and countries' expensive infrastructure. It is therefore of high importance to be on the alert. Here are some of the tips to keep you prepared before the next flood finds you unaware.

Number one; you need to know how prone your area is to flooding. You can get this information from the Red Cross chapter in your locality.

Know the signs. If your area is experiencing heavy unending downpour, be alert another flood may just be knocking. On the contrary, flash floods may not prepare you; it takes a few minutes to a few hours for a flash flood to develop.

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Mudslides and rainstorms killed 13 in Haiti and threaten even more

For the past seven days, Haiti has been getting more than its fair share with heavy rain in the Port-au-Prince region. According to Haiti's Civil Protection Department, so far a total of 13 people has been reported dead. However, according to officials, this number is likely to rise as the Haitian authority are assessing the damage caused by the recent rain and flood.

On Monday night, the southern region of Haiti received between four and six inches of rain within a six hour period. The rain has caused floods and mudslides. The situation got so bad that some people to find refuge on their rooftops.

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