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Ozama Steamship Used to Smuggle Arms and Gold into Haiti

Marine archeologist Dr. Spencer has recovered an English steamer, the Ozama, near the U.S. South Carolina coastline. Originally named Craigallion, the vessel is an integral part of Haiti's history, believed to hold a ballast of gold in its hull for well over a century.

The Ozama sailed the South region, most frequently to Panama and the Caribbean, including Haiti. In 1888, the Ozama hauled an armament of artillery to Cap Haitien. The shipment was intended to halt a planned coup d'etat against Haitian President, Florvil Hyppolite.

Another time, the Ozama transported $300,000 gourdes to Haiti, part of $1,000,000 in secured bonds Haiti would receive later. The vessel caused a world-wide uproar when Haiti stole it one time. In a cause célèbre, the U.S. told Haiti if they did not return the Ozama, the U.S. would bomb Port-au-Prince.

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Florvil Hyppolite died while on an official trip to Jacmel city

Haiti, the poorest of all countries in the Western Hemisphere, has seen many Presidents since its independence in 1804. Most of them worked for their own personal benefits and some turned out to be dictators. Many of the Presidents eventually met a gruesome end but one President whose tale is sung till date was Louis Mondestin Florvil Hyppolite.

Louis Mondestin Florvil Hyppolite or popularly known as Florvil Hyppolite, was born in 1828. The constitutional council of Haiti elected and installed him as the President of Haiti in the year 1889. On 17th October 1889, Louis Mondestin Florvil Hyppolite took charge of the office of President. He was a general and a career soldier but it was also reported that Florvil Hyppolite was deeply influenced by Victoire Jean-Baptiste. Victoire was the mistress of Tirésias Simon Sam. After the death of Florvil Hyppolite, Tirésias Simon Sam became the President of Haiti.

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Hannibal Price, Haitian author and diplomat

Born in Jacmel in 1841 to a well-to-do mulatto couple, Hannibal Price began life above the curve. His well-funded education gave him the means to rise high in various respects and he became known as an author as well as a diplomat, having had the post of ambassador from Haiti to the United States for three years from 1890 until his death in 1893.

Price also acted as a Provisional Government Counselor after President Michel Domingue's fall in 1875 and was a serious advocate of Florvil Hyppolite. During the time he played the role of Minister Plenipotentiary to Washington he wrote the book he would be most known for entitled, 'De la Réhabilitation de la Race Noire par la République d'Haïti' (On the Rehabilitation of the Black Race by the Republic of Haiti). This further journey into authorship and the subject matter discussed was said to be in answer to 'Hayti or the Black Republic' by Spenser St. John. Published posthumously, the book sets about to comprehensively show all the possibilities for Haiti if the chains of illiteracy and the consuming practice of vodou were not in existence. It also endeavored to defend the Negro race and present the country to the foreign world in a more friendly light through the discourse of the history and social life of Haiti so voluminously documented within the pages.

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Role, Term of Haitian Presidents from Haiti Independence to 2013

The Haitian government is led by a president, who shares his/her executive power with the prime minister. Once elected by popular vote, the president will run the country for five years. After the term, the president could not run in the next election. He/she has to wait for five years in order to seek a second term. Haiti presidents can only serve for a maximum of two terms.

Not everyone can run for president as there are certain qualifications and requirements to be eligible for the seat. Only candidates with Haitian citizenship by birth can run for the position, as well as those who are at least 35 years of age. Jail sentence, loss of civil rights and lack of property ownership and residency can make a candidate ineligible to assume the position.

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Haitian President Tiresias Simon Sam

Tiresias Simon Sam was born on May 15, 1835, in Grande-Riviere-du-Nord. Tiresias was born with leadership skills and had a lot of passion for his country. Before being a president he served as a general and then a minister of war under Florvil Hyppolite. He was chosen as the acting president after the death of Hyppolite and he was elected as the president of Haiti on March 31, 1896.

Tiresias valued education and always choose educated people in his government. He was determined to make Haiti a better place and for sure Haiti developed greatly during his era. He increased jobs opportunities, improved transport, contracted U.S to build street car in Port -au-Prince and built a railway line to connect Cap Haitian to Grand Riviere du Nord and Port -au-Prince to Cul-de-Sac. Tiresias also built a civil court in Cap-Haitian and updated the school of science, Engineering and architecture.

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The renovation of Haiti Iron Market, Marche en Fer, a gift from Denis O'Brien

The Haitian Iron market or Marche en Fer is back in business and we only have one man to thank for that. Irish Billionaire Denis O'Brien is not satisfied with only taking from the Haitian society with his successful Mobil Phone company in Haiti Digicel. He also believes in putting back some of that money to serve the people.

It is reported that billionaire Denis O'Brien donated $12 million of his own money to make the dream of rebuilding the Haitian iron market, marche en Fer, a reality. Many improvements have been made into the renovated Marche Hyppolite. it is equipped with solar panels and resistant to earthquake and hurricane

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