President Martelly Compassionate Visit to Anse-A-Veau

On Thursday, 26th July, 2012, the village of Anse-a-Veau in Haiti was privileged to be visited by the head of state. President Mitchel Martelly went to visit the victims of January 12, 2010 earthquake. The village has sixty households whose members are the survivors of the earthquake and the floods that came after the quake. Anse-a-Veau is funded under the support of "food for the Poor" program as well as the Catholic Church in the diocese of Anse-a-Veau and Miragoane. These two groups have done great work including building a school in that area to benefit the residents.


On arrival, President Martelly was welcomed by Mr. Alex Tropnaz, the Departmental Delegate, Monsignor Pierre Andre Dumas, the Catholic clergy members, some government officials and other civil society representatives. Monsignor Dumas praised the president for his interest in Anse-a-Veau. He added, saying that President Martelly is the first Haitian president to visit the village.

Later, the president was led to the village itself where he was received by Daniel Gerard Rouzier, the representative for the "Food for the Poor" program. Other officials who were present were; Senator Jocelerme Privert, Senator William Jeanty, Victor Gramond, who is the mayor of that area, Deputy Wilner Guervil and Deputy Frantz Robert Monde.

The president was finally led to the site for the inauguration of a polytechnic school in Saint Anne which is built in the area. Speaking In that event, the president congratulated all those who showed commitment in developing the village. He praised Monsignor Pierre Andre and Daniel Gerard Rouzier, for their effort and contribution in promoting the welfare of the village. He emphasized the need for education in Haiti. President Martelly urged the people to remain calm and be understanding so as to benefit from the developments that would follow later.

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