Is it true that Nicolas Duvalier is a Candidate?

Since Nicolas Duvalier has posted several pictures distributing gifts with to small Haitian children for Christmas, the "Teledjol" machine has been running. The main rumor has it that Nicolas Duvalier will be running as a candidate in the next election in Haiti.


So what's the big deal? He is Haitian and as any Haitian has the right to run if he believes he can serve his country.

However, since the news came out that Nicholas Duvalier is likely to run for office, this has been reported to have caused general panic in the Lavalas hierarchy. Nicholas is the son of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier and grandson of another former dictator Francois Duvalier,

Si sa ta vre, eske nou pa ta oue ke se tout fors yo ki tombe nan lit la?

Ki sa no ta panse the yon konfrontasyon entr Lavalas et Divalierist?

Mwen panse se ta yon bel bagay; olye ke yon ap tiye lot, li ta bel si yo ta mete efo sa nan konvink popilasyon kiles nan yo ki pi bon pou peyi-a

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Palm Beach Haitian Heroes says...

Gérard and Nancy Férère


Yesterday, 3:31 PM

Lafontant email (tiden [at];

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Palm Beach Haitian Heroes says...

For Immediate Release

West Palm Beach, FL (November 1, 2018) - Palm Beach Haitian Heroes Hosting Francois Nicolas Duvalier in West Palm Beach, FL.

Palm Beach Haitian Heroes will hold a conversation on the Haitian Diaspora's role in the future of Haiti, and the guest of Honor is Francois Nicolas Duvalier, the son and grandson of Haiti former Presidents Jean Claude Duvalier and Francois Duvalier.

The event will be held at the Zara Café and Grand Ballroom at Ramada Inn, 1901 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.

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