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Frank Romain, former mayor of Port-au-Prince

The declaration of intent issued by Port-au-Prince's former mayor, Frank Romain, in a recent interview with HPN, harkens back to the impassioned speeches and noble intents of many of our past revolutionaries of victories great and small. The ex-military man has put himself at the forefront of a campaign for the rebuilding of the country, saying he is prepared to 'do it gracefully' and can make himself and his skills available for the good of Haiti.

Frank Romain has called for people to work together in an effort to revitalize the struggling nation, a concept closely linked to an effort to allow exiled Haitian citizens, former leaders in particular, to return to their country without fear. His crusade stems from his reported abhorrence of the foreign military occupation of Haiti. He further comments on the guilt he feels when he sees the foreigners and witnesses Haiti's continued lack of the sovereignty, a state he wished to have returned during his political tenure.

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Video of Souvenir during the reign of Jean-Claude Duvalier

This video will definitely mean something to many Haitians. It was a time when Haiti was under the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier. Some people have positive memories of the Duvalier the same way some have negative memories. For some people who will be watching this video, it will remind them of a time when things were good for them in Haiti. However for many, this can only remind them of abuse, repression, death and exile.

During the Duvalier era many names became popular; some in a noble aspect; but many, in unscrupulous ways. Some of the names during both Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier that became famous include the following:

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