Next Haiti Prime Minister likely to be Economist Fritz Jean

Based on several sources, we have learned that the next Prime Minister of Haiti which will be announced today is likely to be none other that the economist Fritz Jean. The fight has been very intense between President Jocelerme Privert and a faction in the legislative chamber that has been pushing for Edgar Leblanc. All I know is that the real contest was with Fritz Jean and Edgar Leblanc. However, based on the information obtained so far, it appears that Mr. Fritz Jean has wan.


Now let's wait for the official declaration!!

Haitian Kreyol:

Pwochen Premye Minis Ayitian an dwe Economist Fritz Jean

Baze sou plizyè sous, nou aprann ke pwochen Premye Minis Ayisyen an ki pral anonse jodi a gin tout chans pou li ekonomis Fritz Jean. Batay la ant Prezidan Jocelerme Privert ki te vle Fritz Jean ak yon faksyon nan chanm lejislatif la ki te ape pouse pou Edgar Leblanc te trè fo, sepaadan li parèt ke Mesye Fritz Jean genyen.

Koulye a, annou tann pou deklarasyon ofisyèl lan pi ta!!!

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Subject: Next Haiti Prime Minister likely to be Economist Fritz Jean edit

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